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January 2012

Handling An Online Reputation Crisis

What Is The Best Way To Handle An Online Public Relations Nightmare?

We all remember the recent Presidential campaign, but what do we remember? We remember two quotes: “You didn’t build that”, and “the 47%”. In the digital age, a single off the cuff remark, inappropriate joke, or misdirected piece of mail can go viral, ruining your online reputation at faster than light speed. Your years of…

Are You Hurting Your Online Reputation With Your Social Networking?

Can We Be Sabotaging Our Own Reputation With Our Social Networking Efforts?

Everyone in business knows by now that a social networking presence is all-important. Believe it or not, the social networking world doesn’t begin with Twitter and end with Facebook–there are literally dozens of social networking options you might not have seen yet, that are becoming very important, especially for…

Is Online Reputation Marketing and Management Really That Important?

Online Reputation Marketing For Companies

Is Online Reputation Marketing and Management Really That Important?

In the internet age, your online business doesn’t grow by ordinary word of mouth or standard advertising nearly as fast as it used to. With the explosive growth of social media, your online reputation is very vulnerable, because people love to share news, both good and bad, with everyone they know through social networks.

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