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January 2013

Online Tools and Resources To Help Your Reputation Marketing Efforts

What Online Tools Can We Use To Help Us Monitor and Manage Our Reputation?

It simply cannot be stressed enough about how important it is to make sure that you are constantly aware of what people are saying about your business online. Managing to converse with customers online on places such as social media websites can play a pivotal role in your business as is being able to answer any queries…

Online Reputation Management Basics

Should Our Company Be Paying More Attention To What People Say About Us Online?

Pssst–someone, somewhere on the internet, is probably talking about you right now. If they are saying wonderful things, then you are alright for the moment. What if they are saying bad things? More importantly, how long have people been talking about you “behind your back”? If you have had an online presence for a…

5 Costly Mistakes That Will Ding Your Online Reputation

Here’s a brief list of unforced errors that can lead you directly to business oblivion, with a corresponding lengthy road to recovery.

1. Not claiming your own social profiles – This is one many people overlook. Oftentimes, unbeknownst to you, your online reputation can be tarnished by others who claim your name on social media sites and post false or misleading information in your name.

5 Marketing Strategies Big Business Doesn't Want Small Business to Know About

5 Marketing Strategies Big Business Doesn’t Want Small Business to Know About

Local mobile marketing is a virtual goldmine!

But you wouldn’t realize it studying the marketing activities of most local businesses…

The era of the smart phone is here but many small local business owners are still in the dark ages. They’re playing catch up with their clients and their behavior. A recent…

Online Reputation Marketing for Auto Dealers – Auto Dealer Reputation Marketing

Recommended Steps to Follow for Auto Dealer Reputation Marketing and Management

Would you want to go to a doctor with a reputation for a poor beside manner? Would you go to a restaurant with a reputation for bad service? Whether you like it or not, your auto dealerships’ reputation affects sales and financial figures. Auto dealerships with a good reputation see more business, and a good…

Online Reputation Marketing For Car Dealerships – Car Dealer Reputation Marketing

How to Build a Great Reputation For Your Car Dealership and How to Keep It

Reputation management for car dealerships is a neglected business area. Yet it is important to your bottom line. Customers don’t want to deal with a dealership with a bad reputation. This is why you need to include car dealership reputation management into your business strategy. We’ll outline how to build a great…

Online Reputation Marketing For Doctors – Doctor Reputation Marketing

How to Improve A Doctors Reputation in Today’s World

While many Doctors understand that they need to manage their reputation, few know where to start. If this is your predicament, keep reading.

Trust is built on honesty, transparency and consistency. Don’t remove negative posts to improve your public image. It is better to work with patients to rectify legitimate complaints. Negativ…

Online Reputation Marketing For Physicians – Physician Reputation Marketing

Reputation Management Tips For Physicians

First, you need to use social media to improve your online presence. A business website is not enough. Your patients are on social media. If you aren’t where they are, their discussions about you will create the reputation potential patients see about you while you’ll have no way of reacting or rectifying the matter. Maintain the social media…

Online Reputation Marketing For Resorts – Resort Reputation Marketing

How to Manage Your Resorts’ Reputation the Right Way

The first step in this process is to claim your name. Your business is inextricably linked to your company’s name and the names of your services. There are a number of websites that let you see if someone else is using your resorts’ name or product names. You need to claim them via copyright, trademark or formal incorporation before you…

Why Does My Business Need A Mobile APP?

It’s not enough to get an app developed, get your customers to download it, and then let it sit on their phones untouched.

What a complete waste of your time and theirs.

Yet, that’s what I see a lot of companies doing – as if the mere act of having an app is enough to take care of all your mobile marketing.

It isn’t. But what you can do with your app doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

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