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July 2013

Local Reputation Management and Marketing Growing In Importance

Do People Really Pay Attention To Online Reviews?

Consumers Trust in Online Reviews Skyrocketing!

Myles Anderson of BrightLocal just released the 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey at SearchEngineLand. What is eye-catching within the study is that there are precise and indisputable results that we can easily see.

Four main takeaways from the study:

Far more consumers are stating that…

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Google+ (Google Plus)

How Are Businesses Using Google+?

So, have you logged into your Google+ account today, or updated your business page lately? Perhaps not, and while it’s a rather common scenario happening across the Web, as Google+ struggles to find its audience and usefulness. Many people are still divided, and the jury is still definitely out as to whether or not Google+ is now or ever can be a workable too…

Does Your Business REALLY Need SEO?

What SEO Should Startups Make Sure They Do?

One of the most significant mistakes that a startup website could make is to totally ignore SEO from the beginning. It is a large task to execute, especially if you’re a new comer to online marketing, but we know it’s an effort worth making, even at a minimal level. The main reason why is that you’re giving Google the wrong message right away.

Now That Twitter Ads Are Available to All, Is Twitter the Tool of Choice Now?

Now That Twitter Ads Are Available to All, Is Twitter the Tool of Choice Now?

Twitter recently announced that its paid ad platform is available to any who want to use it. In testing for more than a year, Twitter has been evaluating user feedback and refining Twitter ads. Probably the most noticeable difference in this ad platform vs. Facebook’s is that you are only charged when anyone follows…

3 Awesome New Mobile Marketing Tools

3 Awesome New Mobile Marketing Tools

As a marketing approach deeply entrenched within a fast-growing technology, we’re seeing that new tools are continuously coming around to help us either improve, keep up with, or use these new gadgets. Here are 3 new tools we’ve discovered that really make a difference!

So what are these mobile marketing tools?

Red Stamp – Red Stamp calls themselves…

Pay Attention To The Following Social Media Metrics

Which Social Media Metrics Should You Ignore?

“Vanity metrics” is a term you may or may not have heard of. It refers to the criteria by which we assess our traffic and online viability. What we are coming to learn is that many of these used to measure “results” can frequently be misleading and need to be politely ignored.

Here are a few you can safely ignore:

Facebook Likes, Twitter…

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