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September 2013

Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics On Your Website

How to Use Google Analytics in Your Small Business

If you ask the typical already-overwhelmed small business owner if they’d like to get started using Google Analytics, the common response is wide-eyed fear, dreading taking on the buckets of data that Analytics can supply. Who has the time to learn new stuff when there is work to get done? The fact is, Google Analytics will help make that work…

How Can Mobile Marketing Help My Business?

Confused About How Mobile Marketing Can Help?

The age of looking at mobile marketing as just a “fad” or the “next big thing” has expired. It’s here, it’s big, and it’s just going to get bigger. A freshly released survey by the group found that some 69 percent of the people surveyed said that they believed that mobile marketing is going to be crucial to their business in the next fiv…

Using YouTube To Explode Your Business

How Should I Be Using YouTube To Explode My Business?
YouTube is not only the second largest search engine in the world, but it also has over a billion unique, worldwide viewers each month. As a local business owner, you probably already realize how important it is to build your online presence; with masses of people flocking to YouTube each day, it provides the perfect platform to do…

Video and Social Media: A Match Made In Heaven?

Video and Social Media: A Match Made In Heaven?
Social media and videos are two of the most powerful outlets that companies have online for gaining new business and increasing brand awareness online. When the two are combined, the possibilities are limitless.

Social media sites are known for sharing information. For instance, millions of pictures, songs, videos, and comments are shared on…

Advantages To Using Video In Your Email Marketing

What Are The Advantages To Using Video In My Email Marketing?
Email marketing, while definitely a powerful way to give your readers updates and news regarding your company, can also become boring and humdrum if you don’t consistently create ways to keep your followers interested.

Videos will not only enhance your email marketing, but they also provide several different ways to entertain…

Crucial Online Video Optimization Tips and Strategies

What Are The Best Online Video Optimization Tips and Strategies?
Google has been making leaps and bounds in providing search engine results that include content, photos, videos, archives, news, and much more. Known as “universal results,” people now have a much wider selection of online choices than ever before.

Videos are typically given high priority in search results; viewing videos is…

10 Incredible Video Marketing Statistics

10 Incredible Video Marketing Statistics
With high-speed Internet and an array of categories to choose from, online video viewing has exploded. In fact, YouTube alone receives more than three billion views on a daily basis, and a good majority of these views are on products and services videos.

In order to determine how videos affect consumers, a series of studies and polls have been…

Why Video Marketing Offers The Highest ROI

How Does Video Marketing Offers The Highest ROI?
Quality written content and professional photos certainly play an important part in promoting your business online. Yet, video marketing is another powerful tool that some companies tend to overlook because of myths surrounding the high prices that come along with it. However, on the contrary, video marketing is a cost-effective option that loca…

Is Online Video Just Another Passing Fad?

Is Online Video Just Another Passing Fad?
Not too long ago, the idea of online videos and video marketing seemed so far-fetched to most small businesses. Now, however, with the invention of high-speed Internet, social networking sites, and affordable video creation tools, it’s easier than ever for businesses to utilize the power of online videos to grow their businesses.

In fact, onlin…

How To Use Video To Out Market Your Competition

What Is The Best Way To Use Video To Out Market Our Competition?

Having a business means having competition; and although companies can certainly work together to create innovative ideas and marketing techniques, at the end of the day, most business owners want to be the #1 in their industry.

This, of course, entails gaining an edge on your competitors. Online videos have becom…

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