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October 2013

How To Handle Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

What Can I Do To Correct Bad Reviews Written By Customers?

No doubt you’ve seen examples of unsatisfied customers and business owners going at one another tooth and nail online. If you haven’t here’s a perfect example of how to damage your own reputation! Having the haters focus on you is no picnic, but burning your or your brand’s reputation due to your response is a bit like a…

5 Tips For Getting More Client Referrals

It’s no mystery that the best way to boost revenue is to find new business. And one of the best ways to build new business is through customer referrals. There’s very little that speaks as glowingly about your business than your current and past customers raving about it. Best of all, typically this most effective form of advertising doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

So let’s start tapping this…

How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Marketing Strategy

Want to Connect with More Fans on Facebook? Do this!

What should you do when you come across a social network with more than a billion users? Exploit it, obviously! While some may say that’s easier said than done, there has been no better time than the present to get your slice of that enormous social media pie. To illustrate how this can work, we’re going to look at Facebook investor and…

How To Deal With An Online Reputation and PR Crisis

What Can I Do To Cope with an Online PR Nightmare?
If you’ve had to weather an online PR crisis with no plan available to deal with it, then you know how important it is to have one. Nowadays when bad news travels so quickly, you truly don’t have the luxury of “getting to it later”. Your brand may already be sinking even before you begin bailing! Dealing with a public relations crisis onlin…

(3) Advantages Using WordPress In Social Media Marketing

WordPress and Social Media

With the explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, small companies might be wondering if they even need a business website.

Since social media sites offer many of the tools that a website offers, it may seem that social networking has now replaced the traditional business websites; but there are several things that a professiona…

How Much Marketing Is Too Much Marketing?

Do you Really Need Another Marketing Channel?

Marketing your small business demands a firm grasp on staying on budget. While that’s easy to say, it can be hard to do when you’re faced with an barrage of new and at least presumably exciting new marketing channels to explore. This occurs practically daily. There’s always some new software, program, product or social media channel that is asking…

Video Marketing Mistakes and Blunders

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Video Marketing!

Hasn’t everyone and anyone told you that video marketing is a snap, and you need to get going like, yesterday? While a portion of that is true, plunging into the deep end without knowing some of what lies below the water could be hazardous to your wealth! Sitepoint offers a glimpse into what could go wrong with your video marketing campaigns,…

Promoting Your Business With Content Versus Advertising

How to Win with Content Marketing

Were you aware that more than 70 percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content marketing rather than ads? Still companies spend more on advertising than on content creation, according to ContentPlus. Is this a matter of really trusting the content marketing model, or more a reflection of the need to generate traffic and leads more quickly?

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