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November 2013

Reputation Marketing Ensures A Constant Positive Status In The Marketplace

Reputation is everything and we all know the saying that a good reputation takes years to build up, but it can be destroyed in the space of a few minutes. If you are deemed to be trustworthy, more people want to deal with you, you get to have more selections and life becomes easier. A poor reputation means less people wanting to do business with you because the quality of your products and…

3 Ways To Engage Website Visitors To Reduce Bounce Rates

How to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Site!

What is your bounce rate and why does it matter? Your bounce rate is the rate at which visitors depart from your web pages. A review of your Google Analytics may reveal some rather sobering information to you. If you have a bounce rate anywhere around 50 percent, then it’ clear you ought to take some action!

So why is your bounce rate even…

Why Your Business Should Be Publishing An E-Newsletter

How to Create a Must-Read e-Newsletter

Have you asked yourself if it’s worth it to try and create an e-newsletter? We think it is, and here’s why. If you manage to do it right, an e-newsletter continues to be a practical weapon in your online arsenal. An awesome way to connect with readers one on one consistently, it also has the distinct benefit of regular email, in that it is easily tracked,…

Brian Tracy Show Taping Concludes With Andrew Wroblewski Interview

Andrew Wroblewski with Brian Tracy

The latest taping of The Brian Tracy Show wrapped up today in beautiful San Diego, CA and included an incredible interview with non-other than our very own Andrew Wroblewski. Mr. Wroblewski was selected for the show based upon his expertise in helping clients dominate search engine results for their targeted terms and brands. Mr. Tracy was impressed with some of the statistics shared by Andrew as…

How To Use Facebook Mobile App Ads

Lest you think that Facebook was finished with their Mobile App Ads, they recently unveiled phase two, featuring new functionality meant to get already installed users to go back and use the apps actively. With more than 145 million installs of the Facebook Mobile App Ads, the goal of getting lots of installs was realized. Now the goal is to get them to use it more frequently. Quoting researc…

Why You MUST Use YouTube In Your Business

Should I Begin Using YouTube In My Business?

YouTube is now the second largest search engine worldwide, and by far the most flexible. You can embed YouTube videos easily and quickly nearly anywhere, and multiply your marketing efforts with relative ease. In addition, using YouTube marketing in your business is a very cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales. You’ve heard the stats touting…

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