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June 2014

News For Amazon Search Engine Optimization

seo for amazon

Go to and in the search box that is located at the top of the page, start typing the phrase: reputation management

Did you see what happened as soon as you completed typing the word “reputation”?

Can you imagine the incredible possibilities for your Amazon store or business if YOUR products were being suggested by Amazon?


Want to know more about this…

Amazon SEO: Why You MUST Optimize Your Amazon Store Listings

amazon seo experts

Many people have Amazon stores or store fronts, product listings and books for sale, but to drive sales they are really missing the boat when it comes to optimizing their listings for the search function on Amazon. What we call Amazon SEO.

Most rely on PPC, cross-website promotion, email and other outdated ineffective tips and strategies to drive traffic to Amazon pages, but do you want to…

The New Face of SEO For 2014

While Google continues to prosper, you’ve probably still being using the same SEO techniques for a while now. However, the SEO landscape has changed, and since the recent changes in Google’s search algorithms, many SEO strategies that could be relied on in the past just don’t work any more. What may have worked well a year ago could hurt the visibility of your business brand online today. So,…

Want to Improve Your Local SEO? Here’s 7 Tips

Improving the quality of your local SEO doesn’t need to be an insurmountable hurdle you’ll never overcome. The truth is, a few simple tasks can be carried out that will get you on the right track, at least until the next Google algorithm change!

Let’s have a look at a brief list of 7 handy tips that will definitely improve your local SEO, and in so doing, more than likely help with your loca…

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