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June 2015

Rochester SEO Tips: SEO For Content Marketing

Check Out the Basics of SEO for Content Marketing

There is a lot of talk about SEO and content marketing lately, and quite often it is based on how they are at odds: it’s one or the other.

What is required now is a marriage of sorts between the two. SEO can’t exist without content, and content needs SEO to rank as well as it can.

We need to look at how they can complement each other, not…

Why Google Analytics Is An Important SEO Ally

New to Google Analytics? Here’s 5 Reports to Focus On

Google Analytics is a great tool, with a wealth of information available. In fact, there is so much there that when you’re first starting out, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the sight of it, and not be able to make much use of this fantastic resource.

We’ve distilled that down a bit here, and offer you up a menu of 5 useful reports…

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