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December 2016

How Local Companies Can Beat The Goliaths With SEO

How Local Companies Can Take on Large Agencies in SEO

The ideal gift you can give your company is an SEO focused website. By doing this, you can go head to head with the big dogs in SEO. And if you take the time to employ great strategies, you could very well emerge victorious.

Opt for Long Tail Keywords

There are basic keywords that certainly fit into your sector. Unfortunately, it is…

Video SEO FAQs Part 3

How Can Making Video Help My Seo Ranking?
What Do I Need To Put In It?

The video itself is not going to assist you with SEO ranking. The thing that can help you with your SEO ranking is the insertion of a link to your website in the description of your video. For example: on Youtube I always begin the description of my video with and then put the description. This…

Video SEO FAQs – Part 2

How Does Youtube Seo Work?
Ok, So I Have A Video That Has More Views Than Another Video And I Have Cc, Keywords, The Works You Name It.
I Am Currently On Page 2 Of The Most Basic Search Keyword &Quot;Island Life&Quot;. For The Life Of Me I Cannot Figure Out Why They Top Video Is Where It Is (Because It Has Significantly Less Views Than Other Videos) Yet It Ranks At #1. What Piece Of…

Video SEO FAQs – Part 1

Here are some questions, emails and comments sent in by readers in regards to Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

How Do I Make My Youtube Video Go In Front Of Other Videos In Searches?
Kinda Like Search Engine Optimization (Seo) For Youtube.

The best way to do SEO for video on Youtube is to transcribe the content. Type the entire dialogue into the description of the video.

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