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Why Our InMarket Leads are the ONLY Choice?

“Marketing and Innovation produce results, all the rest are costs. Marketing is the
distinguishing, unique function of the business.” – Peter Drucker

From this insight flows four essential propositions:
1. The essence of entrepreneurship is marketing
2. The essence of Marketing is the Message
3. The essence of the Message is the Value Proposition
4. The essence of the value Proposition is the EXCHANGE SUM
The Exchange Sum represents the true value of the offer, the true value determines the
‘yes rate’ of the market, and the ‘yes rate’ determines the revenue of the company.


We sell outcome…we sell results. When we talk about the YES Fulcrum (where Value
has to outweigh Cost in order to get a ‘YES’) we are faced with a unique challenge: we
see the value and cost through the eyes of the creator…we know it’s TRUE reality.
We know our Value Propositions TRUE VALUE

InMarket Leads Increase:

1. New Client Acquisition
2. Profits
3. Clarity of the Value Proposition
4. The ability to know who your company’s BEST profit opportunities are by KNOWING who is in your Conversion Funnel…by name.
5. Return on Ad Spend
6. Ad Spend Impact
7. Cash Flow
8. The Lead Nurturing phase
9. Visibility
10. Repetition without being a nuisance
11. The ability to have Perfect Timing Through consistency
12. Recency
13. Reflection
14. Re-engagement
15. Relatability
16. The # of ad channels a company can find new clients
17. Client Retention
18. The Ability to get a Premium Price
19. Transaction Average
20. Frequency of Repurchase
21. Trust with Prospects
22. Understanding of what motivates your company’s prospects
23. The amount of conversations your company can have with a prospect while they are deciding early on what and if they they buy a solution…giving you the inside track on being the person they buy that solution from.
24. Your companies chance to get all the micro yes(s) needed to get a Macro yes – the sale
25. Your companies ability to match the message to the stage – You can do this because you know who and where each person is inside the geography of your
conversion funnel.

InMarket Leads Reduce:

1. First Click Cost
2. Bad Ad Spend
3. Client Acquisition Cost
4. Ad Spend Risk
5. Brand Migration
6. Targeting Bad Prospects who have no interest in what your company sells
7. Supplier Bargaining Power
8. Friction in the Conversion Funnel
9. Cash Flow Volatility

InMarket Leads Improve:

1. New Client Acquisition
2. Retargeting Capability
3. The allowable cost to acquire a new client
4. The # of ad channels you can advertise on
5. Message Timing
6. Targeting Transparency
7. Ad Spend Attribution
8. Your companies ability to acquire or add new products and or services
9. Your companies ability to add new markets for existing or new products and or services
10. Your companies ability to acquire new companies
11. The intensity of The value Proposition by using Specifics, quantification andevidence in all the ads run across all the different ad channels.
12. Your companies ability to understand exponential technology and how it will impact your business…and how to leverage it to explode your company’s profits

InMarket Leads Create:

1. 100% Sales Match Accountability
2. Competitive advantage through a Winning Strategy
3. Behavioral conversion Profiling – Custom Targeting through our closed loop analysis that also involves your company’s conversion funnel messaging
4. Opportunity to create/acquire new products and or service
5. Opportunity to take existing products and or services into new markets
6. Profits that can be redeployed and used to create Incentives to overcome the final friction preventing a sale
7. Brand Recognition and Loyalty
8. Protection from Rivals
9. Protection from Substitutes
10. Protection from Powerful Buyers
11. Protection from Powerful Suppliers
12. Protection from Threat of Entry

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