3 Main Reasons Why You Should Be Using Press Releases in Your Marketing

How to Generate Great Press Releases to Attract New Business

Get Straight to the Point

Focus on Seo

Having a very good headline and injecting quotes can make a press release wonderful, but this will be for naught if you do not include SEO techniques. After all, over one half of Americans use the internet as their main news source. This means your press release should integrat…

Can Your Business Afford to Hire the Best SEO Rochester Firm?

The most effective strategy to promote your business online, and increase website visibility is through the use of proper Search Engine Optimization. There are two ways of increasing your website’s search engine rankings. You can either do it yourself or you can hire an SEO firm. If you (for example) hire the top SEO Rochester experts, you can expect nothing less than effective results.


Is Hiring the Top Rochester SEO Firm a Good Return on Investment for Small Businesses?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably always on the look out for a good investment. When you run a small business, every dollar counts and investments with a high return are always welcome. Investing in a good search engine optimization strategy can allow for such high returns. If you want to skip the years of trial & error necessary for developing your own strategy, consider…

Did You Know 85 Percent of Consumers Judge You by Your Online Reputation?

This sobering statistic form PC Retail shows that buyers do their homework online, and further that more than 70 percent will never even make an inquiry if your online reputation is dicey.

Reputation management has become a full-time cottage industry on the web, and for good reason. Word now travels at warp speed, and what used to go unnoticed is now being retweeted within minutes. Just ask…

Online Reputation Marketing For Dentists – Dentist Reputation Marketing

Tips for Managing Reputation For Dentists

Assuming you will succeed in business will lead to failure if you don’t manage your reputation as you build your practice. You will make mistakes. Failing to recognize this, and just as important, managing the aftermath of your errors will give you a bad reputation. Once a bad reputation develops, it will kill business and curious patients befor…

Online Reputation Marketing For Hotels – Hotel Reputation Marketing

Improve Your Performance Using Reputation Marketing and Management For Hotels

It has been said that a hotel’s reputation will precede it, and a hotel that loses their reputation has already lost everything. Reputation has not lost its importance in the digital age. In fact, hotel reputation marketing is all the more important. The internet means that people who will have never met you or…

Online Reputation Marketing For Restaurants – Restaurant Reputation Marketing

Getting a Good Restaurant Reputation the Right Way

Your restaurants’ reputation will precede you in business dealings and online searches. It will follow you to business conferences and even if your business closes. This makes restaurant reputation management important in today’s world. However, you need to know how to get a good reputation the right way before you dive in.

Trust relies…

How To Get Your Emails Read By Your Customers, Clients and Patients

Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of time and effort writing emails no one opens. What’s more, it can also be downright unprofitable! A few percentage points more in your email open rates could mean a lot more profit. Industry averages for marketers vary widely, primarily based on the market, but open rates of 25 percent are not unusual for lists that are current. Undoubtedly, thes…

3 Ways To Engage Website Visitors To Reduce Bounce Rates

How to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Site!

What is your bounce rate and why does it matter? Your bounce rate is the rate at which visitors depart from your web pages. A review of your Google Analytics may reveal some rather sobering information to you. If you have a bounce rate anywhere around 50 percent, then it’ clear you ought to take some action!

So why is your bounce rate even…

Why Your Business Should Be Publishing An E-Newsletter

How to Create a Must-Read e-Newsletter

Have you asked yourself if it’s worth it to try and create an e-newsletter? We think it is, and here’s why. If you manage to do it right, an e-newsletter continues to be a practical weapon in your online arsenal. An awesome way to connect with readers one on one consistently, it also has the distinct benefit of regular email, in that it is easily tracked,…

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