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Mobile Apps: What Are They? and…..Does My Business Need One?

Before we take a look at the details of how Mobile Apps work, let’s consider what they actually are.

If you think about your computer, it’s likely that you bought it complete with a preloaded operating system. It may well also have included some extra applications. By now, though, you probably have considerably more software installed on your computer.

These programs are likely to be those that you needed or wanted, then installed on your computer in order to help you get the best out of it. You can also think of apps as programs, but for your mobile phone rather than your computer.

There is a wide range of complexity and size in these programs. At one end of the scale there are complex navigational systems for drawing marine charts, as well as guides to medical procedure. At the other end, there are small flashlight apps.

The amount you can pay also covers a huge range – some apps are free, while some are quite expensive.

There are many benefits for businesses from using Mobile Apps, helping to improve the customer experience.

Why Get A Mobile App?

The best thing about apps is that they allow you to personalize your phone, fitting it to what you need and want.

In most cases, they are simple to get hold of and install, and will quickly become a part of your mobile lifestyle. Mobile Apps are very helpful to customers who search online and wish to follow the path of least resistance.

For the most part, users require internet access, email, and maybe games and music too, as well as other types of business applications. A multimedia smartphone with the right apps installed should be perfect for different user types.

Although it seems a bit like the tag line of an ad, some things do work better together. Gifts go with birthdays and barbecues in your backyard go together with summer. You could even add jelly and peanut butter to the list! Before much more time has passed, there will be a new combination – cell phones and Mobile Apps.

How Do Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites Differ?

The main difference between Mobile Apps and mobile websites relates to whether they need to be downloaded and installed.

Mobile websites are produced specifically for mobile devices, and are available through mobile browsers. They do not need to be downloaded and installed.

Mobile Apps refer to software programs which have been written for a particular mobile device, and they will only work once they have been downloaded and installed.

Here are some of the advantages of Mobile Apps to businesses: they include simple updating, freedom, and good levels of compatibility. Owning a mobile site as well as a good, affordable development option, and can also make it easier for consumers to find you. There are also drawbacks to mobile sites, which include their limited functionality and usability. Because they must be used via a web browser, they make it very hard for the monetization of your business activities to take place.

Advantages and Statistics

You may become persuaded by one side of the argument after reading these stats:

* The New York Times referred to the development of smartphone apps as the media invention with the most power in history.

* By 2014, believes the Gartner Group, mobile marketing will be an industry worth $58 billion.

* In the past year, according to Google Insights, there has been a 400% increase in mobile search, with action being taken by 88% of users.

* Coupon redemption rates are higher: USA Today reported them as being 5% to 20% for Mobile Apps, compared with 1% for printed coupons.

In other words, you need to go mobile – because your customers already have!


* If people can call you just by tapping their phones, they can reach you more easily, and your phone will ring more.

* Check-in coupon systems will give customers rewards for giving you their custom, and encourage repeat purchases.

* Use PUSH notifications to send out specials, sales, coupons, and discounts. These have a great success rate, and just doing this simple thing will give your business a boost.

* Keep your business in your customers’ thoughts by making sure their smartphones show your brand. They use their phones to find answers, so be sure that your company name is there too!

* Give potential customers peace of mind by adding testimonials from customers into the app you use.

* Add buttons to let your customers “Share this App”, giving your company the chance to go viral.

* Everyone knows that selling to existing customers is easier, so make sure to engage with them. If you used your custom Mobile App to provide them with something valuable, you’ll be making it simple for them to decide to select you again in the future.

As soon as 2014, mobile internet access looks like taking over from fixed net access. If you want to meet customers, you need to get to their phones! Do this, and your business will be the clear choice for them to select to work with you.


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