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10 Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Online Marketing Efforts

10 Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Online Marketing Efforts
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Use These Ten Tips to Pump up Your Marketing Efforts

Why are we always looking for the easy way out, when we have tried and true methods to help us improve our marketing right in front of us? Try and ignore all of the noise created by the next shiny new toy, and focus on some of the basics that can make a practically instant and long-term difference in your business. Don’t forget the Pareto Principle, which tells us that 80 percent of your results will come from 20 percent of your efforts. So below are ten good ways to improve your marketing.

  1. Use a company blog – There is no better way to brand yourself or your business than with the consistent use of a company blog. It’s your voice, put it to use!
  2. Be specific in what you do and offer – Don’t attempt to market all things to everyone! Decide what you would like to specialize in and master it.
  3. Highlight benefits, not features – Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Don’t bore them with how, let them know why!
  4. Be value driven – Aim to over-deliver on value. You’ll be very glad you did.
  5. Be active in social media – Look to relate with your audience on the social media of your choosing. This is a great approach to build relationships.
  6. Use video – Even if you’re camera-shy, find ways to employ video in your business, as that’s where everyone is right now!
  7. Listen to your people – Both your employees along with customers and subscribers.
  8. Use autoresponders – Make your life easier: use autoresponder email sequences to really get your newest subscribers up to date.
  9. Care for your existing customers – It’s several times harder to secure a new customer than it is to resell an existing one. Remember that!
  10. Use calls to action – While this one may be last on the list, it’s extremely important. Ask for the action! Whether it’s a sale, optin, webinar, or watching a video, be sure to use a call to action, or you might as well not be bothering at all!

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