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3 Ways To Engage Website Visitors To Reduce Bounce Rates

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How to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Site!

What is your bounce rate and why does it matter? Your bounce rate is the rate at which visitors depart from your web pages. A review of your Google Analytics may reveal some rather sobering information to you. If you have a bounce rate anywhere around 50 percent, then it’ clear you ought to take some action!

So why is your bounce rate even important?

First of all, Google is making the bounce rate a part of its search engine ranking algorithm, and a site that has a high bounce rate can have its pages driven down into oblivion. What’s even worse, since most people are exiting right after they get there, it’s likely that your site isn’t doing what you’d like it to. There are certainly cases when a high bounce rate can be caused by your site’s pages loading slowly, but assuming that’s not the situation, we’re offering up three ideas to help you keep people from leaving your pages swiftly.

  • Use video – The use of video or other multimedia content can create a dramatic difference in a number of ways. For starters, video has proven to be a factor in not only reducing bounce rates, but additionally in boosting user engagement, increased traffic, (YouTube embeds help your rankings) and increased sales and preferred actions. The identical content of some 1500 to 2000 words offered in a video, audio or slideshow will very often be viewed as a whole.
  • Make better and more easily readable content – Frequently content is posted onto a web page as one big chunk. Do your best to break up your content into shorter, more readable paragraphs, and use subheads, bullet points or lists to break up the monotony. Images help convey points also, and are visually appealing to the eye.
  • Highlight related content within your site – Frequently you’ll have content on your site that is related to the piece in question. Don’t forget to link to other content on your site that people may be interested in, and give them a reason to stick around! This could be as easy a fix as using a Related Post plugin for those who have a WordPress blog.

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