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Are You Hurting Your Online Reputation With Your Social Networking?

Are You Hurting Your Online Reputation With Your Social Networking?
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Can We Be Sabotaging Our Own Reputation With Our Social Networking Efforts?

Everyone in business knows by now that a social networking presence is all-important. Believe it or not, the social networking world doesn’t begin with Twitter and end with Facebook–there are literally dozens of social networking options you might not have seen yet, that are becoming very important, especially for niche marketers. That being said, not all of those options are necessarily good choices for you and your business.

This is where studying your prominent competition online can be very helpful. You will probably find that the largest companies in your niche gravitate to certain social sites. For example, you might find large numbers of interior design or decor companies using Pinterest, or fashion and beauty firms using Tumblr and Instagram. DJs and musicians might congregate at My Space. By studying where your competition is “hanging out”, and studying all the different networking options, you should be able to find several that suit your needs. Since there are tools available to link your social profiles, you can begin to expand into areas where new customers can find you, and build a strong business network at the same time.

Using Social Networking For Reputation Management

Your social networking skills are a crucial part of managing your online reputation. It’s important to monitor all your social sites, update them frequently, respond to all comments and address any concerns your customers express. Using your social sites effectively helps you grow your business and your positive reputation.

Managing your social media presence effectively by creating and maintaining “buzz” will increase your search engine rankings as well, so more potential customers can find you. The internet is a big place, and you can easily get lost in the shuffle–if you allow yourself to be. The time you spend engaging with current and potential customers not only increases your customer loyalty, it also brings more customers to you.

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