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Do You Know What HyperLocal Marketing Is?

Do You Know What HyperLocal Marketing Is?
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There is Life Beyond Groupon and Living Social

Many small business ownesr are asking not only if Groupon and LivingSocial able to remain afloat, but are they a viable option for smaller business such as theirs? Or will a smaller daily deal site be more likely to be the solution to help with your hyperlocal marketing? There are a number of benefits to using a few of the smaller daily deal sites as opposed to the market beasts, Groupon, LivingSocial Facebook and Google. We’re going to look at why sites like Woot, Yelp, eLocal, Local Response, ZipLocal, Signpost, CityMaps, Yipit, and ShowMeLocal may be able to provide you with a far more agile and consumer-focused result.

So why is a smaller daily deal sites able to shine when the big dogs fail?

There are several daily deal sites that cater to small business. No longer are you trapped buying huge inventories of deals, if you really don’t have the business to allow for it. Also, support from a smaller site is far easier to find, as you’re not passed over for businesses spending far more money than yours. A brief, albeit incomplete, listing of a few of these companies includes daily deal sites you might not have heard of yet. Everybody knows about the market mavens like Groupon, LivingSocial, Facebook and now Google, but the smaller, quite possibly more agile companies would include sites such as Woot, Yelp, eLocal, Local Response, ZipLocal, Signpost, CityMaps, Yipit, and ShowMeLocal.

Some more advantages smaller daily deals have for hyperlocal marketing

Some of these niche sites employ smaller workforces, meaning they have the flexibility to adapt and change to your needs. They usually don’t have investors to answer to, and therefore are far more likely to be able to focus on helping you, instead of serving their stock price. They are fully aware that they must deliver for you, the small businessperson, or you won’t be back. Moreover, if a merchant has a poor experience they are very likely to spread the word socially, and this will have a damaging effect. Conversely, a smaller daily deal site that comes through will see its fame spread throughout your hyperlocal community. Don’t pass over the smaller daily deal sites when you’re searching for offers. They might in fact be exactly the right fit for your company!

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