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Handling An Online Reputation Crisis

Handling An Online Reputation Crisis
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What Is The Best Way To Handle An Online Public Relations Nightmare?

We all remember the recent Presidential campaign, but what do we remember? We remember two quotes: “You didn’t build that”, and “the 47%”. In the digital age, a single off the cuff remark, inappropriate joke, or misdirected piece of mail can go viral, ruining your online reputation at faster than light speed. Your years of hard work, and all your accomplishments, will be forgotten overnight, while that one faux pas will live forever. In order to maintain your online reputation, when these things happen, you need to take action quickly–because they never go away on their own. The faster you act, the faster you can begin to rebuild your reputation and counter your crisis.

Crisis Reputation Management–What To Do

For a large crisis, you should consider consulting an online reputation management specialist. Consulting a lawyer would also be a good idea, as your particular crisis might have legal consequences you are unaware of. Use your social media sites to communicate with your customers, and keep them updated on your attempts to resolve any issues, if you feel you don’t need a professional to deal with the crisis. Simply ignoring negative remarks or deleting them and banning those with concerns will make the problem are worse–customers and potential customers want answers, not “coverups”. If the online community sees you actively addressing your problems, they will feel more positively towards you and your company. Training your employees to effectively deal with social media is very important as well, because the faster complaints and comments are addressed, the faster the crisis can be contained. Once your crisis is resolved, use what you have learned to help prevent a future crisis of the same type, and try to determine which actions you took were most effective, so you can use them in the future if needed. A single mistake shouldn’t cost you a business, or a reputation.

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