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How To Make Your Business and Brand Stand Out Online

How To Make Your Business and Brand Stand Out Online
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Make Adding Value Your Mission!

Everyone wants something, and in the case of online consumers, they want it all, for free if possible. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to make delivering the utmost value you can your primary mission. It’s literally how you will change the mind of freebie seekers to that of ravenous buyers. When it comes to marketing using email or social media, it assumes even more importance. Let’s examine why delivering real value is the linchpin in succeeding with your small business.

Why you need to prize value

The primary reason is that it will help your brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Keep track of conversations online and you’ll see, in most cases, two types: ones that slam a business or product and ones that effuse praise. Anything else is ignored. Making these folks talk about both you and your brand in a positive light is your job, and the most effective way to do that is by over-delivering. That can take place in a number of ways. It could mean delivering surprise bonuses, sales, appreciation gifts and more. Any of these can delight the customer, who will subsequently share their experience and also return for more!

Why email and social media are special cases

While your website and other pages you have online have a measure of built-in credibility, you need to work a little bit harder for similar results in both email and social media. What this means is delivering value! The main difference lies in the fact that while they’re both, at least somewhat, permission-based marketing vehicles, each audience is very attuned to being “sold to”, and won’t tolerate it. In email, it’s not as unfavorable, as email has long been a marketing vehicle. What’s different now is the need to deliver value as a part of your message, so as to engender enough trust that they will “allow” you to send the occasional marketing message. In your social media channels, it’s much more volatile on the subject of marketing messages. Nevertheless, that makes it a perfect vehicle for enticing them to the next phase with a value proposition. After they opted into an email list from your social media channels, they are much more likely to be responsive to your marketing messages.

Bottom line here is, make delivering value a high priority, and you’ll find that more of your prospects, regardless of the medium, will be more likely to respond to you!

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