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Managing Your Online Reputation With The Best Available Resources

Managing Your Online Reputation With The Best Available Resources
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Are There Any Online No-Cost Resources To Help Me Monitor My Online Reputation?

Time is of the essence, in business and in reputation management for your business. We all know how important protecting a business reputation is, but who has the time to do so? Keeping track of dozens of review sites, social networking sites, forums and blogs can take a lot of time. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of helpful web based tools available to do the hard work for you, and many of them are free. using these tools will help you see at a glance who is talking about you, where they are talking, or if anyone has noticed you at all. By using these valuable resources, you can effectively begin or maintain your online reputation management campaign. Of course, this list isn’t all-inclusive; if you search online you will find many more tools. These ones happen to be some of the most popular, in no particular order, and are a good place to start.

Free Programs

Google Alerts– This easy to use Google option will track any comments about you on news sites and on certain blogs, and can be checked directly from your homepage.

Yahoo Alerts– This Yahoo offering checks the same sources as Google, but also checks stocks.You can receive notifications and updates through email, instant message or your cell phone or smart phone.

Technorati– This is, for many, the most popular choice. This tool keeps track of who is talking about your company in blogs.

Social Mention– This tool monitors social networks the way Technorati monitors blogs, and can also check news sites, making it a very valuable reputation management option.

Premium Programs

Lithium–Lithium, while not free, is an effective choice because it captures information about you and your brand from millions of internet locations, including social networking sites. This tool also filters out repeat information and gives you insight on brand perception.

Radian6–This may be the most popular paid-for tools, tracking millions of news and social media sites. It shows you how often you are being discussed, and the type of feedback you receive. The monthly results can be stored for examination and comparison at the end of each cycle.

Vocus–While similar to the other paid tools mentioned, Vocus also allows you to check on influential bloggers and Twitter, and filters aggregate sites that focus on social media.

Using these tools allows you to judge and refine your online reputation management strategies in a time-saving way.

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