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Online Reputation Marketing for Auto Dealers – Auto Dealer Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing for Auto Dealers – Auto Dealer Reputation Marketing
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Recommended Steps to Follow for Auto Dealer Reputation Marketing and Management

Would you want to go to a doctor with a reputation for a poor beside manner? Would you go to a restaurant with a reputation for bad service? Whether you like it or not, your auto dealerships’ reputation affects sales and financial figures. Auto dealerships with a good reputation see more business, and a good experience reinforces the reputation with each customer. Unfortunately, a reputation is easily damaged. As they say, one “Oh, no!” is costs you 100 “Atta, boys!” For the good of your business, you need to include reputation management for auto dealerships in your business plan. And we’re here to tell you how.

When people discuss your auto dealership online, join the conversation. Respond to complaints in a timely manner, as well as to complements, and work with them to resolve issues wherever possible. First, this shows that you are listening to their grievances. You’ll do more to mollify someone by acknowledging their discomfort than could ever be achieved by ignoring it. Second, this demonstrates to others who are watching the online interaction that you care about your customers. Those who witness someone complaining of poor service receiving a coupon to come back and information that the offending person was retrained or fired will walk away with a much higher opinion of you than if the complaint were unheeded. And you could turn your greatest reputational enemy into a walking, talking billboard for your firm. You’ll also stand out above the competition that ignores their online reputation, and you’ll rise far above firms that belittle customers or react to complaints by removing negative comments.

Set guidelines by which comments on your auto dealerships website will be moderated. This needs to apply to social media sites as well as your own website. If you have guidelines, there are clear rules as to what will be allowed to remain and what will be removed. When something is outside of the guidelines, explain to them why. For example, explaining that a negative post was removed due to profanity avoids the appearance of removing it because it was negative.

Use a conversational tone when you talk to your audience. Academic lectures will not go over well unless you are talking to students. Condescending language turns off readers. Content that is forever geared toward marketing is branded as spam and ignored.

Stay up to date on your business sector. Where possible, integrate this news into your own content. For example, describe how the new ANSI standard affects your auto dealership and mention that your products are complaints. Praise the new environmental stewardship efforts in your area and include a paragraph on the volunteers or donations your company provided.

Remember that your online and in-person reputations are one and the same. People often Google someone before a meeting, so your auto dealerships online reputation will set the tone for the in person meeting. In-person meetings affect your online reputation when the other party talks about the encounter or you online. Remain professional and courteous in all interactions, because you don’t know who will be that one customer in ten who affects your the online reputation of your auto dealership.

Treat your employees with respect. There are many websites where employees vent about their employers. Bad business practices usually leak out this way. Your customers may come across these complaints and wonder about you, and your competitors may use these statements to their advantage when stealing your customers.

It is almost impossible for an auto dealership with a bad reputation to succeed. Customers would avoid them long before a firm could prove the bad rap wrong. This is why you need to proactively manage your auto dealership reputation, using the steps we’ve outlined here today.

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