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Online Reputation Marketing For Car Dealerships – Car Dealer Reputation Marketing

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How to Build a Great Reputation For Your Car Dealership and How to Keep It

Reputation management for car dealerships is a neglected business area. Yet it is important to your bottom line. Customers don’t want to deal with a dealership with a bad reputation. This is why you need to include car dealership reputation management into your business strategy. We’ll outline how to build a great reputation and how to keep it.

Start with social networks like LinkedIn. Select social networks with not only many members but many of your customers. This may mean a modest presence on Facebook and significant effort on business related forums like LinkedIn and industry specific sites. Remember that everything posted on these sites is visible to a search engine and your customers, so keep content professional.

Use a conversational tone with speaking to your current and future customers. Never come across in a condescending manner or belittle someone having trouble with your service. While it may sound counter-productive, limit your direct marketing to consumers. If all of your content is endless advertising, people will block your posts as spam. Mix in information about new products with tips on how to solve common problems using your products and advice on using products like yours more effectively. Use coupon codes and contests in addition to information on sales to keep customers coming back to your site in the hope of getting a good deal.

Keep your branding simple. Select a color palette and use it for all of your content and websites. Use a clean typeface that is easy to read. Adopt a logo, if you do not already have one, that is simple to understand what it represents. And, of course, make sure the logo and any slogan are trademarked and copyrighted so that you alone control them.

Apply quality standards to your website. No portion of the website directory should be empty, especially sections on getting help or contacting key personnel. Incomplete websites look like they were just thrown up to create a web presence, and that hurts your image. Just as important is the need to maintain the information. The only thing worse than a site without contact information is one whose email address or phone number is out of date. You won’t hear from the customer directly, but they are likely to generate bad reviews online about the bad experience.

Let’s say you have a good reputation. How do you keep it?

Monitor the public opinion of your dealership online, as well as what others say about it. You may need to address negative information quickly. Damage control typically takes the form of complaint resolution and publicizing the result. In rare cases, it is necessary to take action against a single person with a grudge or competitor to stop the false information.

Be honest with your customers. When something is wrong, admit it. Transparency when it comes to failings will do more to improve your dealerships’ reputation than a massive PR campaign after a disaster. Most importantly, your customers will retain their trust in your dealership. If trust is lost, it may never be recovered.

A poor reputation costs your car dealership money in the form of lost business and inflated advertising budgets trying to undo the damage. Learn how to manage your dealership’s reputation so that a good reputation precedes you. This article has given you a strong foundation on which to begin that process.

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