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Online Reputation Marketing For Doctors – Doctor Reputation Marketing

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How to Improve A Doctors Reputation in Today’s World

While many Doctors understand that they need to manage their reputation, few know where to start. If this is your predicament, keep reading.

Trust is built on honesty, transparency and consistency. Don’t remove negative posts to improve your public image. It is better to work with patients to rectify legitimate complaints. Negative posts about damaged product may lead you to change shippers or improve packing. Complaints about poor service may mean following up with suppliers or hiring an expert to improve your end product. Ignoring patients is easier than taking action, but it hurts your medical reputation and, eventually, sales. Actively suppressing complaints won’t resolve the problems and destroys trust in your practice once someone posts a screen shot of the complaint you had removed. Seeking to ban those who complain from product user forums or slapping copyright violation notices on those who post information from your instructions as part of their complaint about its poor wording makes you look worse than the original complaint. When you work with patients to resolve their problems, develop a consistent method of dealing with these issues.

Have a standard way people can report problems or reach your help desk. Develop standard procedures for handling patients who want refunds and those who need a replacement item.

Invest in search engine optimization or SEO to ensure that your practice’s website is in the top listings in a search for it. This ensures that your practice’s website, blog and social media profiles are first and foremost in search results, and not a popularly viewed complaint on a blog posted several years ago.

Before you invest in reputation marketing for doctors, determine what your reputation actually is. Search for your business and products using major search engines like Google and Bing. How many of the results are negative? This is also a good test of your SEO. Does your website even come up when you search for it?

Contests can improve your practice’s reputation. It garners instant attention. Free items usually do. Just think of the response when free food is set out on a cafeteria table. Even those who don’t wander by and pick up an item mention it to others. Contests may offset bad reviews, if you are promoting the new and improved version of a service.

They say the best defense is a good offense. Prevent reputation decay by having positive testimonials by patients put up periodically. Reward those who make positive posts about you online with specials, entering them in drawings or sending them swag.

Monitor the opinion of your patients. This should involve polls of current patients, those who haven’t bought from you for a while and demographic groups that include your most likely patients. Discover what they love about your service and what they hate. Some companies found that their services were being promoted in unexpected ways, leading to whole new service lines or sales channels. Learning what patients don’t like leads to areas for improvement. You may also learn about how your practices’ reputation is being attacked by others, whether by a blogger or Youtube channel or your competition. But you can’t act until you know the problem exists.

We’ve now outlined how to improve your reputation in today’s world. The next step is the hard one – taking action.

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