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Online Reputation Marketing For Hotels – Hotel Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing For Hotels – Hotel Reputation Marketing
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Improve Your Performance Using Reputation Marketing and Management For Hotels

It has been said that a hotel’s reputation will precede it, and a hotel that loses their reputation has already lost everything. Reputation has not lost its importance in the digital age. In fact, hotel reputation marketing is all the more important. The internet means that people who will have never met you or heard of your hotel will gain their impression of the hotel through the online reputation marketing, which is visible along with other search engine results for your hotel.

You need to understand how to manage your hotels reputation so that it won’t destroy your vacation prospects before they even get to your website. In this article, we’ll cover several ways you can build a solid business reputation for your hotel.

First, if your website does not have a good search engine ranking, invest in search engine optimization. Simply incorporating the right keywords on your hotels website, tailoring your content and even adding a website summary can improve your search engine ranking. Your hotels reputation is irrelevant if no one can will encounter you online.

When you make a mistake, apologize quickly. Avoid giving excuses, since this devalues the apology. Don’t attack the person making the complaint, since it will make you look bad. Mistakes happen, and saying you are sorry helps mitigate the negative effects. Then take steps to make things right. Once you have done so, publicize the action on social media. If someone complained about a poor experience, offer him or her a discount code for your site and post it on the bulletin board where they complained about the hotel. If a bad batch was shipped, respond on the social media boards where others complain about it and inform the readers of how to get a refund.

Research your customer base before you reach out to them. Understand their demographics before you reach out to them. Your tone and content will vary depending on who your visitors are.

Maintain your social network profiles and your activities online. Don’t assume that creating a Facebook page and website is good enough. Studies show that around half of those who post comments online expect a response. This is especially true when someone posts a complaint on your hotel’s social media page, which is the equivalent of the customer service survey or complaint box in a restaurant. Responding in a timely fashion to complaints on your website will improve your hotel’s image. And you’ll stand out, since most companies let complaints languish before dozens have joined in the refrain.

Search for your hotel online using queries you expect your patrons to use. You may find that your SEO needs improvement. Or you may discover websites dedicated to complaining about your hotel, your products or your services.

Keep your social media professional. Consider the social media efforts a part of your public relations. And unlike a sales person offending a single person during a demo, the social media postings are public and permanent. Treat online postings as professional correspondence. Respond to complaints as you would a formal letter requesting reimbursement for poor service. Be certain to use proper grammar and syntax. Readers will take your hotel down a notch if your hotel’s online presence is littered with slang, abbreviations, misspellings and errors.

Now you should understand how important your hotels online reputation is, and we hope you’ve learned a few ways to maintain the reputation of your hotel in the digital age. Once these actions become habit, your hotel’s reputation will improve, as should bookings and earnings.

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