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Online Reputation Marketing For Physicians – Physician Reputation Marketing

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Reputation Management Tips For Physicians

First, you need to use social media to improve your online presence. A business website is not enough. Your patients are on social media. If you aren’t where they are, their discussions about you will create the reputation potential patients see about you while you’ll have no way of reacting or rectifying the matter. Maintain the social media presence with regular postings. Post content that is valuable and insightful to patients to keep them coming back for more. These postings may be tips and tricks for getting the most out of your medical services, news about the practice, job postings, or hints about next generation procedures in the works. Use keywords in these postings so that people searching for your practice will find your social media profiles.

Take control of the content generated about your company. Sites like, and let you see every online posting about your practice. You could use one or all of them to find out what others are saying about you. You may discover that competitors are badmouthing the practice or misrepresenting themselves as you.

Reach out to dissatisfied patients. When you address their problems, you’ll turn an unhappy patient into a happy one. Where possible, post the resolution on the same social media site where their complaints were posted, in the same message thread if you can so that anyone reading about the issue will see how you took care of it. You’ll improve your image with the readers and may garner good will online.

When someone posts concerns or complaints online, take the time to respond. You’ll be heads and shoulders above competitors who ignore online complaints, and your practice’s online reputation improves when you can tell the world how the matter was resolved. Thank those who give you praise as well, whether with free services, discounts or promotions. You will turn those who leave praise on your physician website into permanent PR team members.

Take care in what you say and do. This applies online as well as offline. A poor patient service meeting easily results in a nasty Tweet, a detailed personal blog entry or complaint online. A matter that you thought wouldn’t leave the examination room becomes public knowledge and public record in a matter of minutes. You can avoid this by treating all patients with respect, never using derogatory language toward patients and keeping business dealings professional. Be especially careful with the media, whether at a trade show or interview. Everything said, on or off the record, will probably end up online.

Your business success has always depended on your reputation. If you follow the tips outlined in this article, your online reputation will remain as spotless as your in-person reputation. And you’ll avoid deterring your future patients before they ever had a chance to meet you.

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