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Online Reputation Marketing For Restaurants – Restaurant Reputation Marketing

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Getting a Good Restaurant Reputation the Right Way

Your restaurants’ reputation will precede you in business dealings and online searches. It will follow you to business conferences and even if your business closes. This makes restaurant reputation management important in today’s world. However, you need to know how to get a good reputation the right way before you dive in.

Trust relies on honesty and transparency. Don’t buy Facebook likes or positive reviews. Don’t try to remove negative posts on review sites or cover up negative comments on your website. Attempting to cover up negative information gives it more credence to those who initially read it, and in an era of screen shots and social media, trying to hide the negative review may result in more negative publicity than the initial negative remark. Even in minor cases, customers who posted a negative opinion become vitriolic when their complaints are deleted – in essence, silenced. It proves to them that you don’t care about their opinion. You create a permanent source of negative PR that can never be silenced. It is better to leave negative posts alone than to campaign to remove them. Best of all is to work with the customer to solve their problem, turning a potential enemy into a future customer. Even if that person does not come back, you’ll improve your image with those who read how you refunded the person’s money or gave them a replacement product.

Follow up with existing dining customers. Use automated surveys to follow up after online orders so that you have a real time method of monitoring customer satisfaction. Follow up with customers who haven’t visited for a while to find out why. You may have previously unknown quality problems or customer service issues to resolve. You don’t know until you ask.

Monitor the online reputation of your restaurant. Software like Google Alerts and Monitor This generate automatic alerts to inform you when new content about your restaurant comes up. You will know within a day of new content posted about your restaurant. Real time monitoring allows you to address problems quickly and prevent a spark from becoming a wildfire. Don’t forget to search both web and image results. A negative image on Pinterest is as powerful as a snarky Tweet, if not more so.

Remain transparent. Don’t ban users who air legitimate gripes about prior product versions. Instead of removing complaints from a user forum, address the issue head on and contact the person to determine how it can be resolved. When the problem has been fixed, ask the person to post a follow up about how the company took care of the matter. Posting your own narrative of how it was fixed is a second choice. Always give consumers a way to contact you about problems, because it could be the canary in the coal mine or the warning prior to a mass recall.

Now that you understand why reputation management for restaurants is important, use what you have learned to your advantage. Your restaurants’ reputation is on the line online, and you will lose out on potential customers if you fail to maintain it properly.

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