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Promoting Your Business With Content Versus Advertising

Promoting Your Business With Content Versus Advertising
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How to Win with Content Marketing

Were you aware that more than 70 percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content marketing rather than ads? Still companies spend more on advertising than on content creation, according to ContentPlus. Is this a matter of really trusting the content marketing model, or more a reflection of the need to generate traffic and leads more quickly? The answer: probably some of both. Content marketing is undoubtedly the best vehicle for developing your authority and brand. The catch is it can be a lot of work. Plus, it can take considerably longer to find out whether your content is delivering in terms of leads and sales, as opposed to advertising traffic.

Content marketing is an important part of the success of your business!

We get it that content marketing can be incredibly difficult and a big time drain, but if you wish to achieve any long-term success on the Web, you have to buy into this reality once and for all. However with the many thousands of new pages of content posting every single day, how will you make yours be noticed form all the rest?

5 Ways to make your content marketing rock!

  1. Give them what they want and need! – Discover what your site readers want to read, and provide it.  You can do this by asking them directly, or using things like your Google Analytics account for clues as to your best performing pages.
  2. Create substantive content – Google search results are dominated by longer, more meaty content. This type of content is also apt to be shared much more often.
  3. Attempt to answer questions with your content – A surefire way to please your readership is as simple as answering their questions. Here’s how one pool company did it. By making it your mission to be of help, you will become the go-to source for them.
  4. Employ Google – Using the Google authorship feature, along with the many other advantages of Google will help your pages with not just search rankings and traffic, but authority as well.
  5. Encourage sharing – Sharing your content is a terrific source of backlinks and website traffic. All of us want more of those. Another reason to share is the fact that now social signals are part of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Getting smart now about content marketing could reduce the need to have to buy that traffic down the road. Something to think about!

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