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Online Reputation Management Basics

Online Reputation Management Basics
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Should Our Company Be Paying More Attention To What People Say About Us Online?

Pssst–someone, somewhere on the internet, is probably talking about you right now. If they are saying wonderful things, then you are alright for the moment. What if they are saying bad things? More importantly, how long have people been talking about you “behind your back”? If you have had an online presence for a while and aren’t managing your reputation properly, then you may be losing a lot of business. More and more customers are using social media and review sites to share their perceptions and experiences with companies of all sizes. If you aren’t actively watching your reputation, when potential customers search for you, they might find negative comments and reviews that have been unanswered. If that is what they see, would you blame them for not choosing to spend their money with you?

Online reputation management allows you to find out how your company is seen by the world, to address customer complaints and compliments, and engage with both the customers you already have and interested future customers as well. Building a trustworthy brand is one of the best ways to maintain your current customer base and add to it as well.

The First Steps

Looking up your own company online is the best place to start. Be sure to check not only the first page of the search engine; you should check back four or five pages. Take not of any negative things you find, and book mark them so you can work on fixing them later.

Update your website and build a strong network of blogs and social networking profiles, and spend time on them. By updating your site and social networking pages, you are putting fresh material out to be seen first, so any negative information is further back in the search results. This gives you time to address any problems, while placing your positive information where people will find it first. These first steps are the most important thing you can do to take control of online reputation management, and use it to your advantage.

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