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The Ultimate Press Release Writing and Distribution Service



What are the benefits of regularly published Press Releases?

* More online visibility

Today more than ever, people like to go with the most current, most relevant and the most ‘happening’ products, services and businesses. They want to see you in The News. Getting in The News gives you credibility, social proof and heaps of embedded authority. It also makes you far…

News For Amazon Search Engine Optimization

seo for amazon

Go to and in the search box that is located at the top of the page, start typing the phrase: reputation management

Did you see what happened as soon as you completed typing the word “reputation”?

Can you imagine the incredible possibilities for your Amazon store or business if YOUR products were being suggested by Amazon?


Want to know more about this…

Rochester SEO Andrew Wroblewski

Odds are that you just started to type in “Rochester SEO” into the Google, Bing or Yahoo search box and the first result that was suggested was “Andrew Wroblewski”  Right?


Currently because of this type of search engine optimization, we receive almost 92% of the search traffic for this term.


Would you like to learn how you can dominate your market lik…

SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski Launches New Service

SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski launched a new SEO and marketing service today, which focuses on
restoring top search rankings for websites battered by the latest series of Google updates.

“We’ve read and heard many stories over the last year of numerous businesses, companies and
practices being devastated by all the Google updates that ruined their search rankings and decided
to do…

YourProfitWeb Announces Search Box Optimization Services

Starting today March 14, 2014 we are rolling out a new service called “Search Box Optimization” to select clients on a limited basis.

Search Box Optimization or “SBO” utilizes the most used portion of the search engines called “the search box” to influence user’s search patterns and behaviors…….before they even see your competitors results.

With this new service, you will be able to…

Brian Tracy Interviews Rochester SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski

SEO Marketing Expert Andrew Wroblewski On The Brian Tracy Show
Well, the full show interview has been released and is scheduled to be shown on most NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates across the country.  We’re not sure what to call the boss man these days now that he has become “famous”.  We thought about “SEO Guru” or “SEO Rockstar” and settled on:   Andrew (he prefers it that way :)…

New Photo and Graphic of Reputation Marketing Book

How To Use Reputation To Dominate Your Market by Andrew Wroblewski

Here is the new photo of our latest book on reputation…

SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski – Brian Tracy Show Interview (excerpt)

Here’s a short, one minute excerpt of Andrew Wroblewskis’ appearance on the Brian Tracy Show recently. The full interview will be aired across the country on most CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox TV affiliates.


In this portion of the interview, Andrew explains that because of all the recent search engine updates and changes, many businesses have retreated and given up on pursuing searc…

YourProfitWeb Installs Twilighter From AppSump On Website

We’ve installed a nifty feature on our site from our friends over at AppSumo called “Twilighter”.

With this new feature visitors to our site can now highlight ANY text and it will become immediately tweetable to the visitors Twitter account.


Go ahead and try it out on any of our pages…

YourProfitWeb Full Page Magazine Ad

YourProfitWeb Magazine Ad Featuing Andrew Wroblewski

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