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The Ultimate Press Release Writing and Distribution Service

The Ultimate Press Release Writing and Distribution Service
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What are the benefits of regularly published Press Releases?

* More online visibility

Today more than ever, people like to go with the most current, most relevant and the most ‘happening’ products, services and businesses. They want to see you in The News. Getting in The News gives you credibility, social proof and heaps of embedded authority. It also makes you far more visible.

YourProfitWeb not only gets you in The News, it even helps you CREATE news for your business, product or service. We are unsurpassed in this area and you’re going to see many more (easier-to-close) leads and prospects as a result.

* Reputation Boosting

To be Known, Liked and Trusted is the ultimate goal of just about every good PR Campaign.

In almost every industry we’ve seen, the business with the best known and best received Reputation is the most successful… yet so few businesses make this the focus of their Marketing!

Submitting a Press Release through YourProfitWeb is hands down the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your Reputation with the masses (and within your industry) while getting you known by more people than ever before.

* More Traffic and More Leads

We distribute your Press Release to over 1,400+ Recognized Real Media Outlets and reach even more High Authority Media Outlets than services like PRWeb.

This means your Press Release is going to be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before… We Get You Heard!

* An Increase in Google Maps Rankings

(Undoubtedly, this is the #1 reason why most clients love this service!)
Most local businesses know that being ranked in the coveted “3 Pack” in Google Maps is a ticket to high quality local traffic. Not too long ago, Google used to list (7) local businesses in Maps, then reduced it to (5) and have since in their latest update further reduced it to only (3), thus making it harder and more difficult to get ranked. Our service will give to a massive advantage over your local competition in this area.

These and many more benefits of utilizing the power of Press Releases leads to more customers/clients/patients.

What is the best part of this strategy?


All you have to do is tell us what your PR should be about (we can even help you with this as well) and our team of professional writers will craft a PR for you to review and approve before we publish it.

***We’ve made this as simple and hands-free as we possibly could for you.

Do you think your business could benefit from this increased exposure?

If the answer is “YES”, then let’s talk and strategize how your business could best take advantage of the power of a Press Release today!

Call: 1-888-846-7848


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