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SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski Launches New Service

SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski Launches New Service
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SEO Expert Andrew Wroblewski launched a new SEO and marketing service today, which focuses on
restoring top search rankings for websites battered by the latest series of Google updates.

“We’ve read and heard many stories over the last year of numerous businesses, companies and
practices being devastated by all the Google updates that ruined their search rankings and decided
to do something to help them evolve and adapt to these changes”, said Andrew Wroblewski. “Our
team developed a technology and 100% organic strategy over the last year that will get websites
positioned as the top-ranked and chosen in their market, regardless of what penalties they may
have incurred in the past. The most exciting aspect about this new service is that we can predict and
guarantee the results for our clients regardless if they are locally or nationally based”.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon echoes Wroblewski’s statements about how businesses have to
adapt to change.

Bezos elaborates: “In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.”

This innovative approach to SEO is about a new way that companies can not only compete, but
dominate their entire market in the dog eat dog world of search engine marketing. It’s not about
paying for expensive pay per click advertising, posting banner ads, retargeting or anything
conventional. It’s about not just being “found” in the search engines, but being “selected” by the
most targeted customers, clients and patients.

Wroblewski explained that during the initial introductory phase, access will be limited to a select
few pre-qualified businesses and that the service offering will grow from that point over the ensuing

This new SEO marketing process is not just theory as Wroblewski and his team have been
applying it for some time with select clients.

Each and everyone of our current clients who is using this service has experienced overwhelming success.

Many clients have been able to occupy all (10) spots on the 1st page of the search engines, with most averaging at least the top 4 -5 positions.


For more information call: 315-926-5034

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