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YourProfitWeb Announces Search Box Optimization Services

YourProfitWeb Announces Search Box Optimization Services
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Starting today March 14, 2014 we are rolling out a new service called “Search Box Optimization” to select clients on a limited basis.

Search Box Optimization or “SBO” utilizes the most used portion of the search engines called “the search box” to influence user’s search patterns and behaviors…….before they even see your competitors results.

With this new service, you will be able to “intercept” a users search decision and steer them towards your website EXCLUSIVELY.

How effective is this new technology?

When people click on the keyword in (the search box) with your company after it, all 10 organic listings will be owned by you, so it’s virtually impossible for them to go anywhere else but to one of your website pages, Facebook page, or other listings you may have for your company.

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