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Press Releases….One of THE Most Powerful Online Promotional Tools Available Today!

YourProfitWeb Press Release Services

Press Release Distribution is an effective manner to get repeated news and happenings about your business, website product or service out to the online world and are one of the most powerful ways to draw attention to your business.

You will reach U.S. and global audiences with your search engine optimized (SEO) and Web 2.0 press release through major mass media outlets such as CBS, ABC, UPI, CNN news sites. These news sites have high PR and are recognized by Google as high authority news sites. Your press release is featured on many high page ranking sites and distributed through our SEO press release distribution service. The accumulative effect of this each and every month is extremely powerful!

Each month your featured press release is written, optimized and published on popular online news sites of newspapers, publications, and television and radio stations around the U.S. as shown below. The same press release is also published on global news sites, blogs, RSS feeds, news aggregating websites, news search engines, and social network news sites to give you a global exposure.


How Our Monthly Press Release Service Works:

  1. You sign up for the service by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below. After the transaction has been completed, you will be forwarded a link to our client area where you will enter the details of your first press release.
  2. We review your press release twice to make sure that all of the necessary information is in the press release.
  3. You then review the press release to be certain the information is accurate and then approve it.
  4. Once your press release is approved, it will be submitted to the news sites.
  5. After the press release is submitted, We will send you a report of who initially published your press release
  6. After the first month, we will personally contact you to go over the next months’ topic/focus and then repeats steps 2 – 6.

** Press Release exposure will continue to grow over time as more and more outlets and websites discover and pick it up.  It’s a somewhat perpetual promotional vehicle!  What many people do not know is that publishing a press release on a regular basis (monthly) is one of the best ways to increase the rankings of your local business in Google Maps!


YourProfitWeb distributes your business, organizational and personal news releases and press releases on and over the Internet. Our online service delivers news releases directly to Internet readers and is an integral part of Search Engine Inclusion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). YourProfitWeb’s online service also delivers press releases directly to targeted media (reporters, registered media as well as trade publications) and media-only wire services (accessed by leading print, broadcast and online publications).  Here are a few of the possible services and sites that can publish your release:


 1 news-sites

2 tv stations

3 social media sites

4 radio stations

5 global news feeds

6 online news sites


Q: Do I have to write my own press release?

A: No!  Our crack team of professional writers creates and writes the press release for you. All you need to do is give us an idea of what you want the PR to be about.  i.e. “We’ve opened a new office” or We’ve introduced a new product or service” or “We’ve recently hired a new staff member”……the possibilities are endless.

Q: How many sites will my press release appear on in total?

A: It is not uncommon for your press release to eventually be picked up by thousands of sites. It does take time however. Once a press release goes live on the major media sites, it is very common for other sites to then also publish your press release. The best way to determine how many sites have indexed your press release is to search for the title of the PR in quotes. IE, “this is the title of my press release” But give it a couple months. The volume of sites publishing your press release will increase greatly over time, well beyond those listed in the original report.

Q: Will you add links to my press release?

A: Yes. All you need to do is provide us with the URL’s and anchor texts you wish to use. We will place the links in the proper format for you.

Q: Do you guarantee that my press release will be accepted by the press release distribution services?

A: We make no guarantees that your press release will be accepted and used by any group or organization, as that is something that is beyond our control, However our acceptance rate for Google News is about 98%. The 2% that fail almost always fail because the press release has been submitted elsewhere first. Google likes to be the first one to get a press release, so please make sure that you have not submitted your PR elsewhere if you want it to appear in Google news. The rest of our inventory has a success rate greater than 98%.

Q: How long does it take for my press release to be completed and then distributed?

A: The time varies, depending on workload. Under normal workloads the average turn around time should fall in the 2-5 day range. But be aware that this is an average. The actual time could be less or greater. it then takes approximately 7-10 days for the full distribution of the press release to be completed. we do it slowly to make sure you get into Google news.

Q: How many words will my press release contain?

A: Our press releases will average around 500 words.

Q: Can I submit my own press release?

A: No, to maintain quality control over our distribution service, we are currently only allowing press releases written by our team of writers to be submitted to our distribution network.

Q: I don’t know if my business is news worthy enough to have a release written each month?

A: Actually…it is!   You will be surprised as to how many different “angles” or topics we can cover for ANY business.  The important thing here is consistency of publishing your business monthly.

Q: Will I receive confirmation emails during the press release distribution process?

A: We use several different distribution outlets. It is possible you may receive one to maybe three confirmation emails from these distribution outlets confirming that your press release has been accepted. These are not reports. You will NOT receive emails from every site that publishes your press release. But you will receive a full report once the distribution has been 100% completed detailing every site that has published your press release. Any emails you receive from the distribution outlets will only be for the purpose of providing you the link where your press release has been placed. You will not be placed on any mailing lists.

Q: What is another benefit of publishing a press release each month?

A: One of the most powerful benefits of publishing press releases on a regular (monthly) basis is that if your local business is not current ranking in one of the three spots for “Google Maps” (Google My Business Listings) then you should see an increase in your rankings.

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