Reputation Marketing and Management

Why Online Reputation Marketing and Management
Is A MUST For Your Business

“your internet reputation is not what you think, but what others think”

“The old marketing adage is that a satisfied customer will tell 5-7 of their friends about their experience, whereas the dissatisfied customer will tell 15-20. Today, an unhappy customer will tell “a million of their closest strangers on the internet.”

Online reputation marketing and management covers both establishing the image of your web “brand” or company, and controlling that image. Studies have shown that customers often base their purchasing decisions on perceptions, rather than facts. If a customer believes a certain mass merchandise store mistreats their employees, for instance, they will be less inclined to shop at that store or website. Just as large businesses can gain or lose customers through boycotts or “buycotts”, so can a local business. The impact of reputation, however, is greater on a small business than a large one, no matter how reputable they may be. If Wal-Mart, for example, sees a 1% sales drop, they suffer less impact than a local business, because they will make it back over time. They are a very big fish in the pond, so to speak. On the other hand, if a local business is seen negatively, it may go out of business regardless of how good or reputable their services are.
What Online Reputation Marketing Does for You

Online reputation marketing and management places the most positive image of your company in front of your potential customers, by making sure that your private information doesn’t become public, and by correcting outdated, misleading, or false information about your company and it’s services. This is especially important now that social media has become so popular. On the internet, a single misleading comment or negative report can quickly become “true” in the eyes of those who are looking for a business. Successful reputation marketing and management is a necessary business tool for every business, large or small. The current legal climate can make challenging damaging information very difficult, so the prudent businessperson makes sure that the information that does reach the internet is factual. We have all seen stories in the news about businesses targeted for boycotts, and “buycotts” through social media. This can happen to your business too, if you aren’t actively managing your reputation online.

Studies have shown that almost 80% of people surveyed will do online research before choosing to purchase a product or service. If one of these people sees your internet business in a negative light, through blogs, review sites, or social media, do you think they will choose to use your business? Of course, they won’t. Having an online reputation marketing and management services company protecting your business benefits you by insuring that potential customers see you as you want to be seen on the internet.

Online Reputation, Branding, and Search Engine Ranking Blueprints
Developing and maintaining a positive online reputation can help your search engine ranking as well. SEO, regular website updates, promotions, and positive reviews are all a part of ranking and traffic. Offering your customers fresh, interesting information and a good website experience are only part of the equation, however. Online reputation marketing and management companies work actively to make sure that only the most valuable information reaches the internet, and that your information is correct everywhere, all the time. They create and follow a success blueprint for consistency. Consistency is very important for credibility. Outdated information, or inaccurate information, can make your company look inconsistent, and can damage your credibility, if it isn’t removed. Part of online reputation marketing is making sure your company brand presents a trustworthy, reliable, and credible image, especially in relation to social marketing. A consistent, positive company brand inspires trust in your potential customers as well as your current customers. Having the right online reputation marketing and management company working with you insures that your company receives the attention it deserves in the search engines and on social sites.

Important Statistics to Consider
Studies and reports are now showing that review sites are far more important than many businesses think they are. 78% of consumers believe what other say about businesses. Effective online reputation marketing and management services addresses this very actively. Offering your customers an incentive if they review your business is an effective way to increase your positive appearance, and your online presence. Some incentives to consider are gift cards, immediate discounts, spinning an “everyone wins” prize wheel for a promotional product, or entry into a drawing. These are only a few incentive suggestions, of course; with a little thought, you will probably come up with others that will be effective. Traffic on the 10 largest review sites surged 158% in the last year, according to By using incentives to generate reviews, and using online reputation management to protect your image, your company can benefit from this powerful source of potential customers. According to Razorfish, 61% of people check review sites for user experiences before buying a product. Additionally, 34% of people express their opinions concerning companies on social media sites, with 23% expressing their satisfaction with companies, and 26% reporting unsatisfactory experiences. Are you beginning to see how important your reputation or reputations can be? If you’re not convinced yet, then here are some more findings from industry specialists.

Comstore reports that 97% of people who made purchases based on reviews found the experiences reported to be accurate. People trust review sites, and that’s why you need to make sure your business is accurately presented on them. Verdict research has found that 51% of people surveyed used the internet to search before buying a product or service. If customers aren’t finding you online, then you are missing sales. The Wall Street Journal reported that 92% of people interviewed found online information more valuable or reliable than talking to sales associates. When it comes to traditional advertising, according to Yankovitch, 75% of consumers don’t believe what they here in advertisements.

What These Reputation Marketing Statistics Mean
The last statistic is perhaps the most important, and bears repeating. 75% of your customers don’t believe your advertisements. In other words, 75% of the money you are spending is wasted. Practicing good online reputation management and marketing, and directing your attention towards branding yourself on review sites and in social media, will provide a much higher return on your investment. This is why so many large and small businesses are turning to online reputation management companies to protect the reputations they have and enhance their public image. If you aren’t already doing this, you should be. Establishing a positive reputation and making sure it stays positive is a crucial part of long-term growth. Now, and in the future, your sales will be coming from social media and review sites, so you need to position yourself to use these tools to your advantage. Without effective online reputation marketing and management, your business will suffer over time.

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