The Most Effective Reputation Marketing and Management System (1)

We eliminate ALL the hassle…..
We eliminate ALL the inconvenience…
…and we minimize ALL the effort normally involved with creating and managing your online reputation.
There is nothing simpler, easier or more powerful…..period.Here is what is included in the YourProfitWeb Reputation Marketing and Management program:

Custom Review Page Creation and Set-Up on Client Website

  • Separate Review Page Set-Up and Creation, Customized For Each Client Location
  • Custom Review Page Pre-Populated With All Previous Positive Reviews
  • Custom Review Page Pre-Populated With Reviews From Top (10) Online Review Sites

(We build you a brand new page on your current website that meshes seamlessly into your current theme.
Then we populate it with any/all current reviews you might already have on your website.
We then research all the top (10) review sites and grab those reviews and post them on your new review page as well.)


Real Time Review Monitoring

  • Real Time Monitoring and Management For Positive Client Reviews (Client Website)
  • Real Time Monitoring and Management For Positive Client Reviews (3rd Party Review Websites)
  • Real Time Detection and Interception of Negative Client Reviews (Client Website)
  • Real Time Detection and Interception of Negative Client Reviews (3rd Party Review Websites)
  • Separate Monitoring For Each Client Location (if you have more than one location for your business)
  • Continuous Daily Updates For New Reviews Received Via Client Website
  • Continuous Daily Updates For New Reviews Found at Any Top (10) Online Review Sites

(here we set-up monitoring systems (that work in the background 24-7) to detect any/all reviews posted either on your website or anyplace online. We can intercept and diffuse negative reviews before they can do any harm.)


Custom Search Engine Review Page Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization of Client Reviews Page For Most Common “Review” Type Searches

(we optimize your custom client review page and OTHER review pages online for the most common searched for client “review related terms to make sure than the most positive show up the highest in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…)


Creation of Customer/Patient Review Portal

  • Creation of Customized “InBox” on Client Website For Customer/Patient Review Submissions
  • Pre-Populated With Previous Positive Reviews To Encourage Additional Positive Commenting

(it can be a hassle to ask for or obtain reviews from clients and patients so we create a special easy to use client review “InBox” to make it simple to get almost any client/patient to leave you a positive
review or comment.)


Client Review and Online Reputation Marketing

  • Daily Posting of Collected and Discovered Positive Reviews on All Top (10) Review Sites
  • Daily Posting of Collected and Discovered Positive Reviews on Client Review Page
  • Promotion of Collected Reviews as “Citations” for Local Ranking Enhancement

(the reason why more businesses do not receive more positive reviews is because it’s a pain for more customers/patients to go online and leave a good review at any of the online review sites, so we have taken all the effort out of that and do it for them by taking all glowing reviews and posting them at the top (10) review sites)


Video Review Marketing and Management

  • Inclusion of Video Reviews on Client Review Page
  • Custom YouTube Channel Creation For Client
  • YouTube Channel Customization
  • Optimization of All Video Reviews
  • Transcription of All Video Reviews

(video testimonials or reviews are extremely powerful so we take advantage and use that power by promoting the videos not only on your site, but on your own custom created and optimized YouTube Channel. But we don’t stop there, we also optimized, promote and market these videos n such a way that they also rank high in the search engines for your business or brand, thus adding even more effectiveness to your reputation efforts)


Complete Staff and Employee Training and Education

  • Thorough Education and Training For All Current Staff and Employees
  • Complete Training and Education For Each Future Employee and Staff Member

(even though our system is simple and easy to use, we still understand that nothing should ever be assumed so we have developed a complete training system for all your current and future staff members. In fact, the training is so good a 5th grader could……well, you get the point)


Comprehensive Review and Reputation Reporting

  • Monthly (or bi-weekly if needed) Reputation Reports
  • Separate Reputation Reports Created For Each Location

(each month or every other week (your choice) you’ll receive a report to see how your online reputation is growing and strengthening. Ahhhhh….the sweet smell of a phenomenal ROI)





About YourProfitWeb, Inc.

Whatever your digital marketing and digital strategy needs are…..we have your back. By Andrew Wroblewski