Reputation Monitoring

Why Monitoring Online Reviews Matters

80% of online consumers change their purchase decision based on bad reviews

Your good name is everything in business, which means that it’s vitally important to know what people are saying about you, as and when they say it. Tracking reviews of your business will keep you up to speed, allowing you to pinpoint problems and turn them into opportunities. It will also allow you to drive business to come to you.

Tracking Online Reviews: Why Should You Do It?

Your business can be seriously affected by reviews posted online. Customers have never been shy in expressing their views, and with the growth of review sites, it’s now easier than ever for them to do so. You need to know what’s appearing on the web about your business, so you can keep abreast of what your customers are saying.

Online reviews are something people trust. With the advent of services like Yahoo! Local and Bing Local, writing and locating reviews has become simpler than ever. That’s meant an ever greater influence for review sites – and that means accurate monitoring has become absolutely crucial. You need to know not only what people are saying, but when and where, too.

Tracking Business Reviews: How Can You Do It?

The importance of tracking online reviews is now greater than it’s ever been. Our mission at YourProfitWeb is to give you back control over your reputation online, and that starts with effective tracking and monitoring. There’s no way you can improve your reviews if you don’t know what they’re saying. You need to be able to collect and then distribute positive online reviews, and to do that you need to keep track.

Your business needs high quality tools to let you find out just what people’s views are about it. Tracking business reviews is the best way to do this, allowing you to respond to both positive and negative reviews in the appropriate way – and always to stay in the loop yourself.

We understand at YourProfitWeb that your reputation is everything, and that the difference between a great reputation and a poor one can depend on review monitoring. For that reason, our highly developed tracking technology lets you monitor reviews with ease. You’ll get reports every day, packed with the detail you need to stay ahead of the game. Monitoring reviews is simple with YourProfitWeb, since we offer a wide variety of services ranging from personally tailored feedback to fast alerts when new online reviews appear.

Our comprehensive selection of services for monitoring reviews are all expertly crafted, making sure that you don’t miss that vital piece of information that can make all the difference between success and failure.

The one-of-a-kind tracking platform we provide at YourProfitWeb gives you the real-time power to track nearly 200 review sites. You’ll never have a problem keeping your information current thanks to in-depth reports every day. That means it’s easy to keep track of your business reviews and making sure your online reputation remains intact is easy. Rewarding positive reviews and addressing negative ones can now be accomplished as soon as those reviews appear.



“Finger On The Pulse Reputation Monitoring Technology”

  • The Ultimate Reputation Monitoring Tool On The Market Today

  • Monitor Your Reputation In Real-Time

  • We Do All The Work and Heavy Lifting For You

  • Review Monitoring

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Reputation Monitoring


  • Email reports sent at pre-established and preferred intervals

  • Easily track and manage your online reviews, social media mentions, directory listings and more.

  • Keep control of your entire online presence – across hundreds of major websites – all from a single screen.

  • You cannot manage what you do not measure, and you cannot measure what’s not being monitored

  • We scan information posted about you or your business, 24 hours a day across almost 200 websites (local search, social media and review sites)

  • We provide one simple and easy to read consolidated report to review what’s being said about you and/or your business

  • Timing is critical: keep your finger on the pulse of what your clients, customers and patients are saying about you and have the ability to diffuse a complaint or bad review. By responding in a timing manner you can often turn those nay sayers into cheerleaders for your business!

  • Since we monitor so many sites, you’ll always have the ability to see if any local or industry listings have missing or incorrect information about you or your business. This allows you to correct them easily and swiftly.

  • Monitoring also allows you to jump in an online conversation where people are praising you as well. Customers, clients and patients enjoy a “thank you” or a “pat on the back” as much as you do!

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