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Reputation Marketing Ensures A Constant Positive Status In The Marketplace

Reputation is everything and we all know the saying that a good reputation takes years to build up, but it can be destroyed in the space of a few minutes. If you are deemed to be trustworthy, more people want to deal with you, you get to have more selections and life becomes easier. A poor reputation means less people wanting to do business with you because the quality of your products and…

How To Handle Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

What Can I Do To Correct Bad Reviews Written By Customers?

No doubt you’ve seen examples of unsatisfied customers and business owners going at one another tooth and nail online. If you haven’t here’s a perfect example of how to damage your own reputation! Having the haters focus on you is no picnic, but burning your or your brand’s reputation due to your response is a bit like a…

How To Deal With An Online Reputation and PR Crisis

What Can I Do To Cope with an Online PR Nightmare?
If you’ve had to weather an online PR crisis with no plan available to deal with it, then you know how important it is to have one. Nowadays when bad news travels so quickly, you truly don’t have the luxury of “getting to it later”. Your brand may already be sinking even before you begin bailing! Dealing with a public relations crisis onlin…

How To Locate The Whales In Your Market For Powerful Online Reviews

How Do We Find The “Big Boys” or “Whales” In Our Markets?

The “big boys” or “whales” are the people that have the most influence in your own specific market. You need to look for whoever makes the decision in your particular niche.

Then you want to contact them in some way to become friends with them, and entice them into endorsing your company. Consumers follow the major decision…

Should You Be Aiming For Quality or Quantity Online Reviews?

Should I Focus On Getting A Higher Quantity Or Quality Of Online Reviews?

A lot of clients (and potential clients) have posed this question, so let’s take a brief moment and look at your options.
Quality Reviews:
Having quality reviews about your business will give your prospective customer’s an outlook on how their experience with your business is going to be like.

With a high quality…

Simple Steps To Track, Manage And Repair Your Online Reputation Part 3

Step 3 – Repair The Damage – What Is The Best Way To Fix or Erase Bad Online Reviews?

Now that you have addressed any issues it’s time to repair any damage that may have been caused. The aim here is to increase positive customer engagement with your business, remove false information and move negative search engine results…

Simple Steps To Track, Manage And Repair Your Online Reputation Part 2

Step 2 – Address Issues – What Is The Best Way To Deal With Negative Feedback?

The next step is to address any negative feedback you find.

1.     Read Reviews – read all (positive and negative) reviews you found about your business online. Make sure you note any issues that need resolving and where you found them.


Simple Steps To Track, Manage And Repair Your Online Reputation Part 1

What Is Reputation Marketing and Management?
Misinformation and rumors about your business can dominate search engine results.

This means that potential customers searching for your business will easily see this negative information and may choose to take their business to one of your competitors instead of you.

It’s important that you’re constantly aware of what is being said…

Benefits Of Using Online Reputation Management Services

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Reputation Management Service To Control Your Online Reputation?

Now, it is a very straight forward concept to go about monitoring your online reputation, but sometimes when you have let it go for a while… It can be very hard to fix! That is where we come into play, and we also provide ongoing service so that you don’t have to waste your…

Internet Reputation Management Statistics

Why Does My Internet Reputation Matter So Much These Days?

Online Reputation Management Statistic

These statistics will hopefully help you understand why you need online reputation management regardless of your current online status whether it be good or bad…

The biggest one is definitely the fact that 75% of consumers look online for reviews before doing business with a certain…

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