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How To Protect Your Online Reputation By Using Surveys

How To Protect Your Online Reputation By Using Surveys
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Your Customers: Talking Trash or Making You Cash? Why You Need to Know

Do you really know how well you’re doing with your clients and customers? Are there trouble spots or holes in your customer support you’re unaware of? Want to find out what they really think? There’s only one way to get this information—ask them! A well-crafted customer survey can be a great tool that will help you discover the answers to these and many other items you may not even have known were issues for your customers.

So why ask questions at all?

The most important incentive for a customer survey is to head off problems before they become part of your reputation, and uncover ways to improve your service or products. Much of the time, we never learn about a dissatisfied customer: they’ll just look elsewhere. has determined that more than 50 percent of consumers have experienced issues and complaints with the products and services they’ve purchased. Creating a survey helps you find and correct mistakes which might be the difference between hanging onto a customer or not.

What type of questions are the most effective?

Make sure you have a clear purpose to your surveys, and you present questions that require  more than ticking a box, or assigning a number to your query. Avoid “Yes” or “No” questions. Let them expand on their experiences and opinions. (This can also be a great way to collect testimonials!)

How should you conduct the survey?

There are many ways to conduct a survey. However, if possible, the best way appears to be via an online survey, thus giving the respondent a good chance to think about and form well thought-out answers, something which may not take place through a phone call or personal contact. Look at offering an incentive for filling out your survey, and try to be timely as to when you send it. If you are a new comer to this, use a company who specializes in this type of data collection, such as SurveyMonkey. However you achieve it, getting a read on the way your customers view your company is invaluable data to possess.

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