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Should You Be Aiming For Quality or Quantity Online Reviews?

Should You Be Aiming For Quality or Quantity Online Reviews?
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Should I Focus On Getting A Higher Quantity Or Quality Of Online Reviews?

A lot of clients (and potential clients) have posed this question, so let’s take a brief moment and look at your options.

Quality Reviews:

Having quality reviews about your business will give your prospective customer’s an outlook on how their experience with your business is going to be like.

With a high quality review, you are essentially painting a picture that lead to new customers trying out your business.

A high quality review easily beats out any amount of regular or generic reviews!

Quantity Reviews:

You want to have as many reviews as possible for your business, as it leads to people seeing that your business is “social”

But, you do not want just generic, “this is great” type of reviews.

You want the customer to detail their experience so that they kind of paint the picture for the next customer!

Customers see the number of reviews that you have as a marker of your business’ credibility.



• Make sure you focus on getting well thought out reviews

• You don’t want them all to look or feel the same way.

• Don’t shoot for masses at a time, take them one review at a time, set the standard!


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