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The (3) Best Ways To Handle Bad Online Reviews

The (3) Best Ways To Handle Bad Online Reviews
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What Is The Most Proactive Tactic To Handle Bad Online Reviews?

Voicing one’s opinion online can develop into a bloodsport on occasion and nowhere is this truer than in the realm of online reviews. Opinions count, at the very least insofar as they affect your business, and ensuring that you manage your online reputation is more important than ever before. Poor reviews are going to appear. You can’t please everyone all of the time. What’s vital however is ensuring that they don’t influence much of your  audience, and that your brand is viewed as one which cares and addresses issues that come up, not contests, refutes or hides from them.

How to deal with a negative review

Follow these three steps and develop your own system for taking care of a negative review whenever it does turn up.

  1. Make customer service a high priority – A large part of the reason companies find themselves in the position of needing to handle a negative online review is that often there is a breakdown in their customer service or support. Often times customers are reaching out through various channels, including email, Facebook, Twitter or in blog comments. Frequently these are overlooked for far too long, leading to one mad customer, who feels like they have no recourse other than to vent their frustrations on an online review site. In actuality, much of the time the entire scenario may have been avoided by paying a bit more attention to your social and internal channels.
  2. Be professional at all times – The very last thing for you to do is get in to an online shouting match with a client. This will not turn out well for you, ever! Even if you’re right, you’re completely wrong to engage in this fashion, as it will scale this problem to heights you wouldn’t think possible. Work to remain professional, generous, and seek to keep that customer, or at a minimum make sure you don’t lose more of them! Because this type of customer usually represents about 1% of your customer base, it’s simply not worth it.
  3. Encourage good reviews – One of the better ways for you to actively make a difference is by inviting and even rewarding positive reviews of your services or products. Get an ample amount of these regularly, and the infrequent negative review will not stand a very good chance of remaining high in the search results. To the contrary, they will most likely supply you with even more customers!

The the main thing in dealing with negative reviews is to be informed when they happen, handle customers with respect and professionalism, and make maintaining your online reputation a very high priority! In this day of instant communication, you more or less have no choice!

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