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Your Online Reputation Precedes You

Your Online Reputation Precedes You
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Have you ever heard someone say: “my reputation precedes me” ?

What people are referring to is the fact that nowadays, because of the internet, people know more about your business and you than you realize.

Due to this, it has become vital to manage your online reputation.

Why Do I Need To Manage My Online Reputation?

Managing your business’ online reputation is very important for two reasons:

  1. By maximizing your good reviews in the search engines, you will be attracting new customers that are looking for you, which will directly increase your bottom line.
  2. If you have bad reviews sticking out like a sore thumb, then you are leaving money on the table, because customers are getting turned off from your business each and every day!

About 75% of all consumers research a business before they even think about doing business with them. And usually this research process takes a bit of time, which means that they are searching for different things about your business. Sometimes they are directly searching for reviews about your business!

If a potential customer decides to pick apart the internet to find out about your business, then he is most likely going to be confronted with some bad reviews that are going to turn him away very quickly…

This will cause him to turn to your competitor who already took care of all of their bad reviews, therefore they are in the clear when it comes to their online reputation!

What you want to do is find an online reputation management company that will stand behind your company as if it was their own! They will protect your business and make sure that all of your good reviews are in the spotlight, and that your bad reviews are either hidden or gotten rid of for good. But most importantly, they will also encourage your current clients to leave you good reviews and therefore strengthen your business over time!

The main reason that you want to have online reputation management is because it puts YOU in the driver’s seat to choose how your prospective customers are going to see your business! You can build trust with your customers before even having them come into your establishment, and this is because you helped their friend, therefore they will trust you!

See how that works? It is a pretty simple concept, but not something you hear about all of the time. But that’s because your competition doesn’t want you to know about it…

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