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What Are Your [roisalesmachine field=”customertypeplural”] Worth To You?

  • How much charged per [roisalesmachine field=”industry”] [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”]: [roisalesmachine field=”clientvalue”]
  • Amount of additional revenue from each patient? [roisalesmachine field=”clientadditionalrevenue”]
  • How many referrals from one [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”]? [roisalesmachine field=”clientreferrals”]
  • Client Value? [roisalesmachine field=”clientvalue”] (Original [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”]) + [roisalesmachine field=”clientadditionalrevenue”] (Additional Fees) + [roisalesmachine field=”clientrefvalue”] ([roisalesmachine field=”clientreferrals”] [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”] Referral) = [roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluegross”] Client Value

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