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Bad Reviews Are Costing You (at least) [roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluelostmonthconserv”] EACH MONTH

  • The Client Value of ONE [roisalesmachine field=”industry”] Patient: [roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluegross”] HOWEVER, we’ll go with [roisalesmachine field=”clientvalueconservative”] as a more conservative estimate. Do you agree?
  • [roisalesmachine field=”searches”] people search for “[roisalesmachine field=”industry”]” related terms in [roisalesmachine field=”location”] every month.
  • Statistically, 70% of people read online reviews before making a decision to visit or select a practice.
  • So let’s be ULTRA conservative…..if only [roisalesmachine field=”percentagelost”] of people looking for [roisalesmachine field=”businessname”] related services read the reviews before becoming a [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”], that’s [roisalesmachine field=”clientslost”] people reading your bad reviews.
  • How many are you losing? How much income are you losing?

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