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Good Reviews = 
[roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluelostmonthconserv”] FOR YOUR
 Reputation Marketing Gain

  • You’ve indicated that your [roisalesmachine field=”customertype”] value is [roisalesmachine field=”clientvalueconservative”].
  • [roisalesmachine field=”percentagelost”] of [roisalesmachine field=”searches”] = [roisalesmachine field=”clientsgained”] more clients each month coming in because they only found the GOOD reviews.
  • [roisalesmachine field=”clientsgained”] x [roisalesmachine field=”clientvalueconservative”].

[roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluelostmonthconserv”] per Month

Want to add [roisalesmachine field=”clientvaluegainedyearconserv”] per year to your bottom line?

Does that sound about right?
Let’s revisit…


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