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How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Marketing Strategy

How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Marketing Strategy
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Want to Connect with More Fans on Facebook? Do this!

What should you do when you come across a social network with more than a billion users? Exploit it, obviously! While some may say that’s easier said than done, there has been no better time than the present to get your slice of that enormous social media pie. To illustrate how this can work, we’re going to look at Facebook investor and client Roger McNamee, and the way he employed Facebook to promote his band, Moonalice.

Facebook promotion for dummies!

McNamee didn’t use anything that hasn’t been done before. He simply made sure that he went big and followed through. Here is some of what worked for him, and what will work for your small business as well.

  • Post often – While McNamee posts more than 20 times a day, there is method to this madness. On a busy page, posts get constantly pushed down the feed, and the chances of people seeing more than a few of your posts are slim. This isn’t a license to post spammy material though, as that will backfire faster than you can say Viagra.
  • Utilize Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads are perhaps the best way to build a highly targeted audience fast, and inexpensively as well. Running a campaign for likes and fans can be accomplished for pennies a click, if you understand what you’re doing. Moreover, this may be a constant list building and base building strategy for your business.
  • Be real with people – Making sure to interact with people on Facebook should go without saying. This is, theoretically, why you’re there to begin with. Give people a feeling of who you are, and be genuine in your responses. This will result in a far wider reach than you may think!
  • Be edgy – Don’t hesitate to push the envelope a bit. Being a tad controversial or having an opinion has a way of widening and opening up the discussion. It’s all about engagement.

Using Facebook in this way has led to more than 252,000 page Likes for McNamee and Moonalice, which has translated into a lot more popularity and money. It can work that way for your small business also!

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