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How To Use Facebook Mobile App Ads

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Lest you think that Facebook was finished with their Mobile App Ads, they recently unveiled phase two, featuring new functionality meant to get already installed users to go back and use the apps actively. With more than 145 million installs of the Facebook Mobile App Ads, the goal of getting lots of installs was realized. Now the goal is to get them to use it more frequently. Quoting research from Localytics, 66% of app users only open apps between one and 10 times. Facebook is doing this by adding seven more calls to action inside the app, “Open Link,” Use App,” “Shop Now,” “Play Game,” “Book Now,” “Listen Now” and “Watch Video,” all made to optimize user engagement within the existing and already installed apps.

How to Utilize These New Calls to Action

You might already have some thoughts in mind to employ these new calls to action in the Facebook Apps Ads. Facebook used HotelTonight as one of their testers. Here’s what what marketing manager Kevin Kwon had to say about it, “The ability to engage people on mobile by deep linking them into our app from Facebook is very powerful.” Kwon also said that the feature “has significant potential to drive bookings in our app.”

Some additional uses of them offered by Facebook include:

  • Shop Now – A retailer advertises a 24-hour sale for purchases made within its mobile app.
  • Play Game – A game wants to bring existing players back to its app to play newly updated levels.
  • Listen Now – A music app wants to bring listeners to a newly updated playlist.
  • Book Now – A travel app wants to promote cheap fares and getaways.

How to set this up in Facebook Ads

Use the Facebook ads tool – Power Editor – to set up your campaign and creative. You’ll be able to identify your app users and upload them into the ad platform. Make sure you measure your results. Facebook’s intention here is to help users engage more over the app they’ve already downloaded, and to help merchants better connect and convert through their campaigns.

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