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Video Marketing Mistakes and Blunders

Video Marketing Mistakes and Blunders
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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Video Marketing!

Hasn’t everyone and anyone told you that video marketing is a snap, and you need to get going like, yesterday? While a portion of that is true, plunging into the deep end without knowing some of what lies below the water could be hazardous to your wealth! Sitepoint offers a glimpse into what could go wrong with your video marketing campaigns, and ways to avoid some common mistakes.

Our 5 favorite video marketing blunders

  1. Overselling – Hitting your viewers with a hypey, persistent sales message is a sure-fire way to have them running for the exits. No one likes to be sold to, and the best method to convey your sales message is by showing them the advantages of this product or service to them, not all the spiffy features you’re so proud of!
  2. Underselling – On the other hand…if you are so bashful so as not to ask for the sale in the slightest degree, you deserve what you’ll get. Be sure you include multiple calls to action, and ask for the result you’re seeking, whether that is a click, purchase, opt-in or something different.
  3. Boring as the day is long – If your video is boring, there is very little chance they will even watch it all the way through. If it’s a case of not knowing enough regarding the subject at hand, perhaps it would be wise to engage an expert, or find an angle that makes the subject more engaging that it appears on the surface.
  4. Not specific – Understanding your target audience and working to match message to market is paramount here. The more on target you can be on a particular need or want of your audience, the more likely they will be to not only watch your video, but act!
  5. Information overload – Closely linked to the point above, trying to cram too much information into one video leaves their heads spinning. Keep the message concise and direct, and avoid any confusion.

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