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Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing In Your Business

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Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing In Your Business

It has become obvious that video marketing is a key component in creating a brand and marketing your products and services whether local or global. What befuddles many marketers is how to actually get started doing video marketing, and exactly what types of videos they can make.

Know what you would like to do with video first!

You need to know what you’d like to accomplish with video in order to better use the medium. Simply posting a video on YouTube isn’t a plan. Consider how you plan to use video in your marketing. It’s imperative to understand the reason you are producing these videos from the beginning, in order to enhance their odds of success not to mention save you a boatload of time and effort! Here are a few ways that businesses can make use of video in their marketing.

  • Brand building
  • Video info products
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Product launch videos
  • Promotional or sales videos

What sort of videos can you make?

After you’ve determined how you would like to use video marketing in your business, you need to choose what types of videos to create. There are several different types of videos that could work for you.

Slideshow – This one is the simplest to make. You just make slides in PowerPoint or Keynote (Mac) and record them in a video format. There are lots of programs that can do this, and you most likely already have them on your computer. You can narrate or add music or both.

Live videos – Also known as talking head videos, this has people are talking live. You can record these in any number of ways, by using a smartphone, camera, or even an iPad.

Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts has developed into a quick and easy way to record a webinar or other presentation live and make it available for later use. It integrates with YouTube account easily.

Screenshares – This is where you basically record your screen as you narrate your topic. Software for doing it includes Camtasia, Jing, or Snagit.

Livestreaming video – There are several services available that can get your event live streaming on the Web.

Animation – Love animated videos? Think you can’t do them? Wrong! Products like Videoscribe and Powtoon make this a reality.

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