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Video SEO FAQs – Part 1

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Here are some questions, emails and comments sent in by readers in regards to Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization):


How Do I Make My Youtube Video Go In Front Of Other Videos In Searches?
Kinda Like Search Engine Optimization (Seo) For Youtube.

The best way to do SEO for video on Youtube is to transcribe the content. Type the entire dialogue into the description of the video. This way, search engines will be able to crawl that content and serve your video based on the content/keywords you have entered.

If there’s not dialogue/monologue in the video, you should still enter keywords.

Note: I’m an online marketing consultant and my focus is to help small businesses get found online.

How To Seo Youtube Video?

There are two processes. One is optimizing on site, which is completing filling out all of the YT information and attracting shares, thumbs up, views and time spent watching.

The second is attracting external links to the website or popularity.

How Marketers Are Under-Utilizing Youtube For Their Seo?
Let Me Know What You Think…

you need to have a good SEo behind your website, otherwise your website will not be able to stay at the top of google.

One way is to get high quality back links for your website.

How Do I Get Traffic To My Youtube Videos…. (Seo Style)?
First Off – I Know All The Basics, Ie. Make A Unique Video, Don’T Rant, Use A Good Camera… Etc.

5 Years Ago, I Posted A Few How To Videos On Youtube. About 6 Months To 1 Year After The Posts, They All Took Off! One Particularly Took Off And Got Me A Ton Of Traffic.

Now I’M Back In The Game And My Videos Just Dont Seem To Take Off Like They Used To.

Ive Been:

-Using Google Keyword Tool To Name The Videos By In Demand Keywords
-Adding My Url In The Description Along With Description And Keywords
-Making Appropriate Tags (I’Ve Been Typing In What Comes Up In The Youtube Search Bar And Listing My Tags In The Order Of What Comes Up)

Is There Anything I’M Missing?

My Videos Are Way Better Now, Ie. Better Camera, Better Editing, Better Videos…

How Does Youtube And Google Rank Their Videos? Is It By Initial Likes, Subscribers, Views, How Long Its Been Post, Frequency Of Authors Posts, Etc?

Thanks Guys!

Get traffic to your YouTube videos by linking to them from very popular websites that Google really likes, and that are sure to push your listed videos up higher in the search engine rankings. I have done the same with pages on my website that don’t even contain the keyword in any of the tags; the keyword is only listed once on the page!
It’s not all about clever SEO, it’s simply about getting popular links back to your page, or in this case video and your positions will improve. Once your video is listed higher up in any searches you will get much more traffic to it, and from then on your views will start increasing, plus the number of comments, subscriptions and likes will follow suit.
Okay, so the websites you will really benefit from when getting links from are in the following list (and yes I am using these exact same websites to do what I explained above)

Does Having Youtube Videos On Your Site Increase Your Seo Better Than Just Having Regular Videos?
Seeing As You Would Have Links To Your Site In The Case Of Youtube Videos.

Youtube video will be found via and this will bring more people to your website. I have a lot of people find our company over youtube. They are so much easier to share as well. Clients can follow you via you tube so the more videos you make the more they will see.

Do U Have Any Do-Follow Links For Seo ?
I Need Do-Follow Blog Link , Profile Links , Forum Links , If U Have Then Please Share With Me ..:D

I am an expert at providing SEO services, I have a team of five members who are regularly doing various SEO services for the last two years. I can promote your blog or website for a small compensation by building do-follow backlinks, forum backlinks and i can even build backlink pyramid etc., to improve your search engine rankings and traffic. I am giving details of my services below,

1. Create Scheduled Backlinks Daily For 30 Days To Your Websites With Downloadable Reports Daily

2. Write 500 words of unique SEO/Web Content

3. Bring you 500 real USA Facebook likes , fans to your fanpage

4. Submit your site or blog MANUALLY to 20 Social Bookmarking sites PR4 to PR8

5. Social bookmarking submission Manually to 200+ sites Including Top 50 sites + Google panda and penguin safe

6. Create 15 dofollow profile backlinks from edu and gov domains then I will try to get them indexed in google

7. Build eminent backlink pyramid with 5000 profiles,most dofollow,include some edu gov,good seo for youtube by using xrumer senuke scrapebox

8. Create 2500 Quality Links with Senuke X Cr in 5 DAYS

9. Manually submit your video to 4 popular sites then i will blast 2000 forum profile backlinks to the videos

10 Run Senuke-X CR to create Google Friendly Backlinks.

We are offering all the above services at an affordable price.
The turn around time for each services varies from 2 days to 10 days depending on the nature of work.

If you are interested please let me know.

Nature Of Google Seo To Youtube Views?
Hi, I’M Hoping Someone Can Help Me With This…

I’M Looking Into Whether Or Not To Use A Service Such As Fiverr.Com To Generate Some Youtube Hits On Clients Videos (I.E. Http://Fiverr.Com/Gigs/Search?Query=Youtube+Views&X=0&Y=0). Will Having So Many Hits From A Service Like This Will Actually Help Seo Within Google/Other Search Sites, Or Could Hurt It As Spammy Results.

Any Suggestions???


Yes it will help SEO within Google especially now as they are trying to lean towards results that current/recent ie where something has recently changed or there is a trend of social interest. In your case a video which is getting alot of hits. But as Jake mentioned be careful that the supplier of the views does a good job by posting from different IPs and has long durations. Get this guarantee from him before giving him the go ahead. Or ask for proof that he has done this many times before without having videos barred. You can find some good sellers on as they are pretty good at filtering out scammers sellers.

Will Having A Tutorials And How To Video Section As Well As A Blog Section On My Website Help With Seo?
I Am Trying To Increase Traffic, Increase My Pr And Get Higher Ranking For My Locksmith Company. My Website Is Tailored For The Consumer, But If I Create An Independent Website With Videos And Tutorials On Locksmithing, Then Link It To My Company Page, Will That Help? How About A Blog? Which Is Better?

Yes, it will help. This is called link-baiting. You create a resource guide about your topic in the hopes that other will link to it.

You could put it directly on your site, though…no need to build a second website.

You could even do and publish the help guides and videos there.

Good luck!

People Embed Our Youtube Videos. Is There A Way To Use This In Seo For Our Site?

We Have Over 300 Videos On Our Youtube Channel. Every Day People Embed Them In Their Landing Pages, Or Share Them In Their Social Media.

Is There A Way For Us To Benefit From This In Seo For Our Site Or Any Other Way?

Appreciate Any Advise Or Suggestions.

Thank You

No. because embedded video views won’t help SEO.

Need Help For Seo……?
Hi Im New In Seo Field Can Anybodty Plz Tell Me How Im Promoting The Site In Local Business …What Are The Techniques For Promoting Site In Local Business Results Plz Help Me…

SEO Strategy include:

On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization

On-page optimization includes

* Complete HTML of Approved Concept design
* Keyword Density Check / Content Improvements
* Add ALT & Title text to images & text links
* Format Content Titles using H1, H2, and H3
* Prepare Title text, Meta description and keyword for each page
* Interlinking text to relevant pages and sections of site
* Home button point to domain and not index page
* Create Sitemap on Site
* W3C Compliance
* Upload robots.txt file and Google Sitemap (sitemap.xml)
* Add to Google Webmaster Tools & Verify
* Produce & upload

Our off-page optimization service includes

* Directory submissions (DMOZ and other free directories)
* Forum Creation / submissions
* Blogs & Articles
* News & Press releases
* Video uploading (YouTube/Google videos) and tagging
* Image Search (Flickr/ Facebook)
* Webmaster tools
* Web Analytics

The Basic thing you need to do is Key Word Research. There are a lots of Free Tool available in the market.. “Google Keyword Tool” . And use those keywords though out your website with the use of H1 H3 Tags and in Link etc. Submit our site on Dmoz.

SEO Marketing is very important, with a proper knowledge you can do yourself.

Continue to: Video SEO FAQs Part 2

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