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Video SEO FAQs – Part 2

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How Does Youtube Seo Work?
Ok, So I Have A Video That Has More Views Than Another Video And I Have Cc, Keywords, The Works You Name It.
I Am Currently On Page 2 Of The Most Basic Search Keyword &Quot;Island Life&Quot;. For The Life Of Me I Cannot Figure Out Why They Top Video Is Where It Is (Because It Has Significantly Less Views Than Other Videos) Yet It Ranks At #1. What Piece Of The Puzzle Am I Missing?

Also, My Video Is Ranked On The 3’Rd Page For Googles Search. How Do You Get To The Top Of That Rank As Well? I Believe That Is Because Of Backlinks?

Hi Ben D,

Bear in mind that all that matters. Google has a very special algorithm for this. The clicks and comments will be taken into consideration. Just make your page alive!

Seo Marketing Videos?
I Have Seen Some Videos On Websites That Look Like They Were Really High End, Not Done With Some $100 Software On A Home Pc. How Do I Find Out How To Get High Videos Done For My Website? Videos That Look Like They Were Done In A Studio?

I know the type of videos you mean and I’ve used similar type videos with great success for my sites.

Potential clients have responded well to the videos because they are highly professional rather than the cheap thrown together videos other businesses use.

Making your own videos may seem like a good way to keep your expenses down but most businesses will outsource this task and their higher quality videos will catch potential clients interest much more than an amateur video would.

You’ll definitely stand out if you use those videos for promotion and I’d highly recommend you use them especially because social media is a great marketing medium online.

I’Ve Created some videos. I Want To Get More Traffic To My Site. What Seo Tips Would Help?
Need Seo Tips,Tricks, Whatever I Can Do To Get More Traffic.

The first part of SEO is page optimization. Basic steps included in onsite optimization are:

1) Find best targeted keywords relevant to your business
2) Make title and meta tags relevant to your web page theme
3) Content optimization and internal linking.
4) Use of h1,…,h6 tags for heading
5) Create a site map
6) Use title and alt attributes that include targeted keywords.
7) Make robots.txt file.

Once onsite optimization is completed, offsite optimization is started. Here are some basic steps for offsite optimization:

1) Directory submission
2) Article submission
3) Link exchange
4) Press release
5) Social bookmarking
6) Blogging
7) Forum posting

For online business, content is the most important factor. Having informative and interesting content in the website will entice frequent visits by more visitors. This also helps you to get quality back links easily, as quality back links are most important factor in search engine optimization. Once your site gets higher ranking, it will start getting more targeted visitors and your ROI will increase gradually.

You can do several things to increase traffic flow.
When making your own web site do some research on how to optimize your site so that you get a good ranking with a natural search. You do this by embedding smart key words.
1 )Key word tool by google…
2) Keyword suggestion…
3) Keyword Typo Generator Tool…

You need get your web address in as many locations as possible on the net. You do this by article submission, link swap, video submission and free classifieds.

Article submission, link swap and free classifieds.
Make a homemade commercial video.

Post your video here
Podcasts yahoo


Do Video Embed Links Help Seo?
Do Video Embed Links Have Any Value To Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put no, but you will gain great results if you keyword the video and description of the video below it. Use good SEO tactics to correctly label the video to the best of your knowledge. If people want to view it, you should get good results. Simply just don’t post a video and expect results. Use the above method to help.

Good luck!


How To Maximize Seo Benefits In Uplading Videos On Youtube?

Here are some tips to optimize YouTube videos to get better search engine ranking:

1. Use keyword rich title

2. Use relevant keywords in a meaningful manner in the description

3. Respond to all comments in the video page and try to use keywords wherever possible

4. Use correct tags

5. Try to get some incoming links to your Video pages from various sources.

See more SEO tips for videos here:

Tips For Youtube?
What Would You Want To See On A Youtube Channel So I Can Be Good At Mine

You can try the following ways to become successful in youtube.
1) try to get more and more likes and favorites it will improve your ranking youtube and google.
2) try to create more and more bookmarks and back links.
3) try different seo tricks to get top ranking in google.
4) Make video more attractive and more detailed but short in length.
5) try different social media programs such as facebook to get more views.
6) upload videos weekly. More videos means more subscribers and more viewers.
7) use proper keywords and description keywords are the main factor of success.
8) use google keyword research for getting good keywords. Select those keywords which have lower competition but highest views .
9) have a good customer support and be active in youtube.
These tricks will help you to become successful in youtube . At last i will suggest you to start you video with something like ‘today i have something special to show you’ to attract viewers

Or you can buy a pdf from me with all thing you can do to make a video successful for just $10

Does Having Videos On Site Helps In Seo?
Hi All…

These Days People Are Putting More And More Videos On Their Websites…..Does Having Videos On Site Helps In Seo?

Yes, Videos helps in SEO. I also take advantage of it for increasing the pr of my website.

Does Adding A Youtube Video To A Blog Help With Seo?
I’Ve Been Told That By Embedding Youtube Vids Into Some Blog Posts, It Can Help With Seo, Because Google Displays Any Youtube Results First.

For This To Work, Would The Post/Article Still Need To Contain 300-500 Words Or Could You Just Put In A Few Works And Embed A Video?

Yes it surely help SEO. Add your best keywords in you tube descriptions and titles. Add your URL.

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