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Video SEO FAQs Part 3

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How Can Making Video Help My Seo Ranking?
What Do I Need To Put In It?

The video itself is not going to assist you with SEO ranking. The thing that can help you with your SEO ranking is the insertion of a link to your website in the description of your video. For example: on Youtube I always begin the description of my video with and then put the description. This helps in two ways. 1. I get a link to my site on a great website Youtube or other video sharing site and #2 it drives traffic to my site. In summary the video does nothing for SEO the Link can do a lot for you.

What Is Video Seo Or Video Search Engine Optimisation?
What Is It And How Should I Implement It?

Video SEO is the process of making videos on your site accessible and readable by the search engine spiders. This has become more important due to universal search in Google which display videos on their search results. Due to the limitation of text for the search engine spiders to figure out what your video is about they have to rely on the title and alt attributes that are in your video as well as citations from external sites. You could also optimize this by using your Webmaster tools and tell Google what your videos are all about. hope this helps.

How Hard Is It To Compete With Facebook Fan Pages Or Youtube Videos In The Top 10 Google Results? (Seo)?
I Am Interested What You Think How Hard/Easy Is It To Compete With Facebook Fan Pages, Tumblar Or Pinterest Pages, Or Youtube Videos…. When They Show Up In The Top 10 Google Search Results For Your Targeted Keyword, Or The Keyword You Want To Compete For. Is It Easier Or Harder Comparing To The Regular Websites?

I Have Heard Many People Talk About This So I Want To Know What Is Your Opinion On This, From Experience, Something You Have Read Or Something Like That.Thank You Very Much, Hope To See Some Good Answer! :))

Since Google owns youtube they seem to favor it in search results, they also out of laziness throw in so called authority sites like wikipedia results too often. Facebook is not a big Google buddy…

That still leaves plenty of spots you can compete for with common footing, the particular keywords you are targeting is a much bigger factor than the FB, Youtube advantages.

How To Rank My Youtube Video On Google?
How Can I Rank My Youtube Video High On Google? Some Really Important Keywords In Google Have Videos On The First Page And These Videos Are Fresh And Have Just Been Made. Can Someone Tell Me A Way I Can Do The Same? I Try Putting Relevant Keywords In The Tags And Titles And Description, Is There Anything Else I Should Do To Hit A Specific Keyword? Any Help Is Great. Thanks -Eric

Ad rank is a formula the AdWords system uses to determine where your promotion should appear on a YouTube page.

Your ad rank is determined by your maximum CPC for a keyword (since a user searches for the keyword) multiplied by the matched keyword’s Quality Score. The first part of the formula determines how you compete with others on the page for a keyword (how much you and a competitor are willing to pay for your promotions on that keyword). The second part of the formula helps us determine how relevant your promotion actually is to the keyword so we can ensure users get useful results and meaningful content.

To be promoted to a top position above YouTube search results, your promotion must be above a certain quality threshold, which helps ensure that only the highest quality promotions appear in top spots. The best way to gauge quality at this time is to look for a high clickthrough rate (CTR).

Hopefully i helped you. Want online help for it you can get here


I’D Like To Promote A Dating Site Through Youtube. But I’M Confused As To How I Should Do It! Pls Help?
I Want Ideas As To How To Promote. Pls Suggest Any Gud Ideas For The Youtube Videos. And Pls Suggest A Gud Software To Create The Youtube Video..

Youtube is great for seo. If you don’t already have a video camera, buy, borrow or rent one. You can also use your webcam. Write a short script. Film your video. You can also hire a camera person, scriptwriter, etc. It depends how much you want to spend.

Get software such as pinnacle or sony vegas (first 2 links below). Check out their system requirements. You can download them and get free trials. If you finish your video before the trial period is over, you get to make the video for free.

To to capture video. The should have different capture options, but I would choose te best quality. I would suggest using a firewire too.

You can buy inexpensive soundtrack music on the 4th link below. Add music to video.

Export in one of the formats on the 3rd link below.

How To Get My Youtube Video In First Page Of Google?

Did you know that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world? It’s now even more important to understand SEO for YouTube Videos. You may also know that Google owns YouTube, so they work together to match Google searches with relevant videos. The goal with today’s post is to give you a better understanding of how to optimize your videos so that you get more exposure in YouTube searches as well as Google rankings from your YouTube videos.

Once you have your keywords ready, you can follow a fairly similar format for all of your titles and descriptions.

How Do I Get People To Whatch My Youtube Videos?

you can do it by following way..

1. PPC(Paid advertising).
2. SMO(Social Media Optmization).
3. SEO(Search Engine Optmization).

Hopefully it will help.


Part 1 can be found here: Video SEO FAQs Part 1

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